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2in1 étendre à double gel de mascara blanc&extension de cils de fibre noire microfibre hydrofuge Mascara #00192145

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Description du Produit

A cause de certaines règles de livraison internationale, si votre commande inclut ce produit, la commande entière ne peut être livrée par avion et n'est pas admissible pour notre promotion de livraison expresse gratuite.

Principales Caractéristiques

ce mascara combine une couche de base d'extension fortifier avec un manteau de couleur loupe en haut à prendre cils à la nouvelle longueur, et aussi de les humidifier.
lentilles de contact sûr et hypoallergénique.
construit plus épais volume pour un look plus cils.
imperméable à l'eau, dure toute la journée!


Yeux Fards à Paupières,
Application Yeux,
Nombre de couleurs 1,
Number of Colors Range 1-5,
Taille Normal,
Type Gel,
Fonction Etanches, Etendu,
Couleur Noir,
Marque Others,
Dimensions (cm) 13x1x1,
Poids Net (kg) 0.02,
False Eyelash
Eyelashes Material Fibre,

En Savoir Plus

Comment appliquer :
Brossez les cils à partir de la racine jusqu’à la pointe en utilisant un mouvement en forme de Z, brossez à mainte reprise la racine des cils afin de les faire plus épais et de créer un effet des gros yeux.

Note :
Veuillez ne pas tirer la tête de brosse quand vous tourner la bouteille. Serrez la bouteille et gardez la tête de brosse propre après l’utilisation.
Nous vous recommandons d’utiliser le démaquillant des yeux ou de lèvre, veuillez ne pas essuyez farouchement vos yeux.


Q:How To Make Your Eye Makeup?


Eye make-up is easy to under or over-do. Try for a perfect look.


Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 1 Version 2.jpg
If you need to apply cover-up for bags or blemishes, try wrinkle minimizer. It may sound like it is for old people, but it works well. Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 2 Version 2.jpg
First, decide on what you would want to do. Some draw patterns beside my eyes daily. [explanation later] If you're going for a more natural look, try black eyeliner and eyeshadow in a tone that matches your skin. Make sure you have mascara that isn't too clumpy or oddly colored. If you want to do something like a 'scene-kid', try a stubby pencil and creamy[optional], shimmer eyeshadow. Make sure it does not crease. If you want to look precise and clean, use a somewhat sharp pencil and natural shades. But the tips can crumble easily, so be careful. Liquid eyeliner is good for sleek, smooth lines and decorative marks, but it is easy to spread and mess up. Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 3 Version 2.jpg
Apply eyeliner first. If you miss, it's easier to clean off when there is not other make up in the way. When using liquid, make sure that you draw on lines with a pencil first. Do not try to rub it off when it's wet. It will smear and make a big mess. Don't forget to do the underside. if you want a very natural effect, I would recommend a thin line on your top lid, but not your bottom. If you're using liquid for both, be very careful. It can get in your eyes and get caught on bottom lashes. It looks great when tapered and sleek. Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 4 Version 2.jpg
Next, apply eyeshadow. If you used liquid, be sure it's dry. Only apply to your lid , and maybe to thee underside of your brow bone. I usually would use a light shade anywhere past the lid. I find it makes a nice effect if when you have decorations to the side, if you extend the shadow to the first line. Try not to use a dark shade of blue or purple heavily. It usually doesn't look good. Light shades like light blue and pink look best on tanned skin or olive colored. With pale skin, precious metals look gorgeous, but you can always go with a lavender or creme color. Sometimes, if want an unnatural effect, do not apply eyeshadow to your whole lids. Carefully trace a line above your eyeliner. If you're not using eyeliner, tracing a line along your lid of an outstanding color looks nice. I would recommend using a bright shade of most things on dark skin. Keep in mind your hair color. Orange and red shades look nice with light skin and brown or red hair. If you have fiery red hair, I would think a spring or emerald green would look nice. Black hair looks best with a pink or purple shade. Perhaps a blue. [Bear in mind that dark skin may not always go well with the eyeshadow corresponding to hair color] Light brown and dirty blonde looks nice with browns, golds, minerals and light colors. Platinum and blond look best with small amounts of light shades. Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 5 Version 2.jpg
Mascara. If you have naturally long and or thick lashes, I would not recommend using any at all. If you have stubby lashes, be careful when using mascara. It often clumps and gathers you short lashes. It will not work miracles and make your eyelashes twenty times longer. Most people do not apply mascara to the bottom lashes, however it can make for a nice popping effect when done correctly. Be careful the wand does not make contact with your eyeshadow. It can be a pain to get off the color and re-apply. Be sure to choose a shade of mascara close to your natural eyelash color. Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 6 Version 2.jpg
Optional Any patterns around the eyes. Dots make a simple addition to any makeup plan. Around the corners of your eyes, or an extended line from the corner with a dot or two afterwards. I make elaborate patters extending from the extended line curling in all directions. [This is all done with liquid] There really is no basis or guidelines for this process. It always looks nice. Do not extend any farther than your cheekbone for any reason. I would not recommend any further than maybe an inch beneath the eye. Dots, and hearts look nice in the center of two curling and intersecting lines. Hearts can be made by pressing the brush at and angle and then repeating on the reverse.Lines look better tapered out to a thin nothing then done dark the whole time. You may want to practice this. [Do it at the same time you do your eyeliner.] Make Your Eye Makeup Perfect Step 7 Version 2.jpg
Concealer. Do this last to cover and blemishes, bags, and misplaced make up. Do not apply to much to an area that you can not even out later with other make up. IT will look to light and unnatural. Pull slightly down on the skin below your eyes to cover any creases here. Try not to smudge any eyeliner. I'd hope that by now, your mascara is dry. Always remember to get a cover-up like your own skin tone.


  • Try wiggling the brush very slightly as you apply mascara. It will help to separate lashes and avoid a clumped look.
  • Practice -- don't wait until it's time to go somewhere to try anything new for the first time.
  • Always open your eyes wide while applying mascara, and use small brush strokes, to increase accuracy and avoid accidents.
  • At the end of the day, thoroughly remove all makeup from your face.
  • If your makeup is making areas where it was applied hurt, remove it immediately and stop using it. You may be having an allergic reaction or it may simply not be the type for your skin.
  • Don't put too much foundation on. It can just accent pores or bad skin. Keep a light layer or as soon as the light hits you, you will look as if someone's poked holes in your face.
  • Be sure to not overdo the eye makeup. If you put too much on, it can make you look trashy/trampy. Remember,with eye makeup less is more.
  • Always be careful! Do not get any cosmetics into your eyes if you can help it. If you do, wash your eyes out under a tap or in a small container of lukewarm water and contact a doctor if you can if your eyes do not stop burning after several hours or your sight is affected.
  • Warnings

    • Don't get any of it in your mouth if you're wiping it off with your hands.
    • Be careful and don't poke your eyes.
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    Avis récents
    • Par Sophie
    • Acheteur Vérifié
    • 09 / 05 / 2015
    Gorgeous mascara. This mascara combines a fortifying extender base coat with a color magnifier top coat to take lashes to new length, and also moisten them.
    2in1 étendre à double gel de mascara blanc&extension de cils de fibre noire microfibre hydrofuge Mascara

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    • Par Cris
    • Acheteur Vérifié
    • 07 / 05 / 2015
    Ótimo! Ele veio com as mesmas especificações apresentadas, Gostei.
    2in1 étendre à double gel de mascara blanc&extension de cils de fibre noire microfibre hydrofuge Mascara

    Veuillez entrer votre réponse.

    • Par Lisa Videlier
    • Acheteur Vérifié
    • 07 / 11 / 2013
    Parfait. Excellent produit, les cils sont étirés et épaissie, un vrai regard de biche. Tient parfaitement apres une apres-midi à la mer ou à la piscine la tête dans leau. Je lai porté tout lété!
    2in1 étendre à double gel de mascara blanc&extension de cils de fibre noire microfibre hydrofuge Mascara

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    • Par Luca
    • Acheteur Vérifié
    • 19 / 05 / 2013
    Dopo un mese esatto è arrivato, ero molto scettico ma mi sono ricreduto subito.. Buonissimo prodotto, infoltisce le ciglia e consiglio anche di userai le fibre aggiungendo il mascara che si usa di solito!
    Aspirante makeup artist
    2in1 étendre à double gel de mascara blanc&extension de cils de fibre noire microfibre hydrofuge Mascara

    Veuillez entrer votre réponse.

    • Par mascara doppio
    • Acheteur Vérifié
    • 15 / 03 / 2013
    ottimo, non fa grumi e curva le ciglia in modo sublime ;) promosso
    2in1 étendre à double gel de mascara blanc&extension de cils de fibre noire microfibre hydrofuge Mascara

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