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China b2b/ b2b China

B2b (business to business) is a term that defines the way companies do business. Businesses are split into two types of general categories, the most common is business to customer (b2c), and then there is business to business (b2b). Dealing in b2b means most of your clients will be other businesses, both bigger and smaller then yourself. B2b provides a service, sort of like a gateway, for other businesses. The nature of business depends on the type of company you are running, be it a service or selling commodities.

The world's economy is constantly changing, supply and demands fluctuate daily, and new needs often arise.China is one of the best examples of this. With cheap labor cost and decent quality control, China's industry hadalways been able to provide the cheapest price for commodities regardless of its kind. Just head over to Google.com and search for b2b China and over a thousand listings will appear for you. China's commoditiesare cheap and everyone in the world knows it. So why not get in on the action and sell it to the rest of the world?

Thus, we see the birth of China b2b. Companies set up base in China and get in touch with mainland suppliers on commodities they see fit to sell to the rest of the world. There is always a demand for everything, the key is knowing how to reach the buyers and selling to them while making a decent profit. This actually sounds easier then done. Shipping internationally is troublesome at best, especially when you are shipping native commodities to different countries in the world that have their own custom laws. Custom is a big problem for b2b companies. Countries have their own custom laws that will restrict the import of certain commodities, while other countries don't. Also, different countries will have different custom taxes, a tax that must be paid for when importing goods and commodities. Add in all that cost and the manpower behind the whole operation and the picture will begin to clear. Just because its cheap doesn't mean it will sell nicely where you are.

One can say that China b2b is just getting started, but rest assure, once everyone else catches wind of it, the global economy will begin looking very differently then now.