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China direct Selling 101 –

Technology Strategies from LightInTheBox

China direct sellers are increasingly targeting the wider world, and direct selling is the biggest growth market in the U.S. One in five American adults have reported working as a direct seller at some time, and buying wholesale from China seems to be the best strategy for direct sellers to open up the market.
Many China direct sellers are attracted by the flexible working hours and promises of quick returns. But that’s not guaranteed, and truth be told, the returns are often not high. Yet this is not because the idea of China direct selling is wrong, but because the methods employed are flawed.
LightInTheBox presents its China direct Selling 101: three strategies for making your direct from China products sell direct in your hometown.

China direct Selling Strategy 1: Newsletters!
IFor many China direct sellers, email is a key strategy in maintaining relationships and finding new ones. The days of Outlook mail merge are over! New services by companies such as Constant Contact, EmailLabs, andMyNewsletterBuilder enable direct sellers to create templates where preconfigured content can be easily added.
The more sophisticated services provide tracking capabilities. These tracking capabilities can illustrate everything from the open rates for e-mails to the click-through rates.

China direct Selling Strategy 2: Teleconferencing
In the last few years, there have been dozens of companies launching free teleconferencing services. All of them work in the same basic way: they give you a personal access number and a toll number to dial. If all users dial the same toll number and enter the same PIN code, they are put into the call together. Active direct sellers can save hundreds of dollars a month by using such systems.

China direct Selling Strategy 3: Desktop sharing systems
Desktop sharing can be extremely helpful for the direct selling entrepreneur. Whether it's sharing a spreadsheet showing recent sales or a PowerPoint document displaying features and benefits of a new product, desktop sharing can be quite useful.
The advantage over emailing is that desktop sharing applications enable the organizer to control the pace and presentation of everything.
Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean your China direct Selling business needs to be low-tech. We hop you found these ideas useful, and wish you all the best in your future direct from China selling endeavors.