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How to spot a fake China supplier

It’s a simple equation: Cheap China supplier + high domestic demand = huge profits. That’s why literally thousands of businesses around the globe get China suppliers to make the products they will sell in their home-grown markets. And it’s also why there are so many shady and disreputable China suppliers willing to take advantage. With thousands of miles, national borders, and different languages and culture separating buyer and supplier, how can you be sure your China supply will fly?

Use Google, but don’t rely on Googler
Searching online for China suppliers is of course the best starting point. But don’t think that the top-ranking websites on Google are necessarily the best. Many dedicated and professional China suppliers don’t know about how to get their websites ranked highly on English-language search engines, while others know all about manipulating the search engines, but don’t deliver the goods. Checking out a China supplier’s webpage should give you some idea about their quality.

Check the details
Information on a China supplier can come from even the smallest of details. For example, a simple email address can reveal a lot about how sound your potential China supplier is. Does the supplier have its own e-mail, like name@companyname.com, or does it use a Hotmail or Yahoo inbox? Obviously this isn’t a surefire way of checking out the integrity of your China supply, but it can give an indication.  

And talking of e-mails…
Be careful who you give your e-mail to. A few seconds spent shooting off enquiry emails to a disreputable China supplier can result in years of spam emails inundating your inbox. LightInTheBox promises never to sell your email on to anyone else, but not all suppliers from China make such a promise, so consider setting up a special email address for contacting businesses.

And one last thing about emails:
Don’t rely on them! Emails are an excellent way to exchange product, pricing, and shipping information with a supplier in a different time-zone; but a phone call is 10 times better. Setting up a phone conversation with a potential China supplier can be very beneficial for all involved.

Check your China supplier’s export history
Work with China suppliers that have already exported their products to Europe or the US. Many manufacturers may have their products exported to the US in good quantity through a third party China supplier, like LightInTheBox, without an exclusive supply agreement. They may want to have direct channels to the US, and that might mean more business for you.

Also, consider accessing the U.S. customs records for your China supplier to get an independently verified list of their shipments to the U.S. This will tell you who their customers are, how loyal those customers are, as well as the volume capabilities of your factory.

Of course, LightInTheBox uses a wide network of China suppliers who are accredited and certified as quality manufacturers to ensure that overseas buyers only need to go to one place for all their wholesale needs. That place, is here. Please browse our products below for a taste of the huge range of wholesale Chinese products we supply.