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Import from China

The latest economic recession had an impact that affected not only the United States, but the entire world as well. Stock market dropped all over the world, even the Asian market was affected. It was only recently did the signs of gain surfaced when the market suddenly soared over night.

However, just like all crisis in history, collateral damages were unavoidable. Companies were left heavily shaken financially, some even toppled during the ordeal. Yet, it is these types of moments that create opportunities to shine. Although somewhat affected, China showed great promises as can be seen in how firm it's market stood during the calamity. Cheap labor costs and increasingly higher quality goods are emerging from the Chinese market. The day will come soon when Chinese import can stand head to head with Japanese import.


Although the trend does seem like its leaning in favor of China, the work it will have to do to prove itself is long and arduous. Creating and supporting promises of better quality goods aren't something that can be completed over night. Add on years and years of bad rep and skepticism, there is a lot of catching up to do for China.

Nonetheless, it is in this critical hour can China truly shine. The market is constantly changing, who knows which country will be the next global leader in the near future. One thing is for certain however, China will be one tough competitor. Robust economy, ever growing demands, and an evolving social class are only some of the qualities that drive this country.