Be Prepared For The Weather

London's weather is dramatic, so invest in a good waterproof coat or jacket and a packable hat or umbrella. If you are going to be watching outdoor games, make sure to prepare a pair of waterproof shoes too!

Queue In Comfort!

It will be very crowded in places such as the airport or entrance of the stadium, so why not bring a foldable chair and wait in comfort? Even if you can't bring in liquids over 100ml, most venues will allow you to bring an empty plastic water bottle.

Be Smart Watching The Game Live!

Just in case your seat is too far away to watch the games, bring some Binoculars! And if you want to take photos from your cell phone or camera, don't forget to take the right lens!

Sharing Is Caring!

When watching the games, make sure to hit record so you can share and keep that special moment! Don't go unprepared, check out our extensive Smart Gadget collection!

When It's Not Convenient

Be happy that you still can watch the Olympics games when you are in a place with no internet or TV access, such as work, because we have some TV Gadgets you should try!

Get Creative To Support Your Team!

No matter where you're from you will always be proud when your flag is being raised on the Olympic stage. So get something to make you feel you are there to support them!