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Made In China

There's a lot to be said about products Made in China. What people remember most are Nike shoes and t-shirts from Wal-Mart. You can't blame them though; it's what we've been fed throughout our entire childhood. Made in China became almostits own brand. It signifies cheap labor, because lets be honest with ourselves now, isn't that what it's all about?

This type of stereotype is what created the image saying products Made in China are poor quality, when in fact, they aren't. Sure, a large labor force means a lot of human errors, but that doesn't necessarily mean quality control is sub-par. In fact, China's been more and more demanding on quality control over the past few years, creating strict laws and enforcing them accordingly. What used to be lacking in control and management is now remedied by entire government sectors devoted to monitoring corporation's quality control. As can be seen from several scandals earlier this year, China's zero tolerance is gradually making an impact on the industry.

Hopefully, we will see higher and higher quality made merchandise from China. The leap will signify a big change in China's industry, one that will affect other parts of the world as well. And when it does, China will undoubtedly be a powerhouse in the world's economy and potentially dominate the entire industry.