Newsmy 1.5 Inch 2GB NUNU X1 MP3/MP4 With FM Radio Black

Price: US$ 29.99 2 review


Quality Made

The all new NuNu MP4 player comes packed with 2GB storage space for all your music and videos. The 6mm ultra-thin casing makes it all the more mobile when you take it with you on the road. 26 million colors TFT for the 1.5 inch display screen will play all your videos crisp and clear.


Music supports MP3., WMA., APE., and FLAC. format
Video supports AVI. format
Digital photo album supports JPG., BMP., GIF. format, even supports lyric display
Built-in mic allows for digital voice recording
Upgradable firmware

Super Sound

High MP3 bit-rate allows for super clear sound quality that rivals even that of the iPod. Your friends won't believe how amazing the NuNu MP4 player is, go for the spectacular finish and tell them how much you bought it for!

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