What makes Michelle Obama a Fashion Icon?

    Michelle Obama's fashion is both unique yet affordable, making her style accessible to so many people. She often chooses simple but fashionable outfits in solid colors that enhance her skin tone and soften her face. This is counterbalanced with Obama's high-fashion hairstyle and use of extravagantly glamorous jewelry to produce a more individual look. Michelle often combines an off-the-rack dress with a one-off piece of jewelry from fashion forward labels such as Erikson Beamon. A well-placed pin brooch or dazzling set of earrings and necklace is all Michelle Obama needs to create her distinctive look. Maybe that's why no first-lady has made such an impact upon the world of fashion since Jackie Kennedy.

    Like Mother, Like Daughters

    It wasn't only Michelle Obama who got all the fashion headlines on election night for that dress. Ten-year old Malia Obama caused a mini-fashion frenzy with her $110 off-the-rack red silk taffeta dress. Specialty stores around the country were inundated with requests for the fashionable bubble skirted dress, and many struggled to cope with the demand. The event was a turning point in Malia and younger sister Sasha Obama's lives, from regular school kids into fashion trend-setters for the pre-teens. Now, whether they're attending a fund-raiser with daddy Obama, or starting their new D.C. school, the fashion spotlight is sure to be shining bright.

    Obama: the fashion label?

    Barack Obama's recent election as US President not only made him the latest face-of-fashion; it actually turned his face into the latest fashion! Already during the 2008 election campaign, A-list stars like Brad Pitt were making fashion waves by wearing T-shirts adorned with Obama's face. When Barack enters the White House, the number of products bearing the 44th President's visage is set to increase: from fashionable printed dresses and mugs, to baby-grows and lunch boxes. And for those fashionistas who don't want to (literally) wear their love for Obama on their sleeves, a range of specially stamped jockstraps can help keep their secret Obama-philia firmly in the closet.

      Follow Obama Fashion, Wear Obama Fashion
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