Heidi and Spencer
Heidi and Spencer know that your ski clothing may have a bigger impact on your day than
you might think. After all, skiing in ill-fitting ski clothes is not only extremely uncomfortable,
but it can hinder your romance too. Check out these ski clothes that will keep you warm,
but also won't restrict performance.
Tom And Gisele
Staying warm is a full time job in the winter and when you have to leave the house you better have the
clothes. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen show off some great ways to stay warm in jackets and coats.
Wentworth Miller
These embroidered Hoody Sweaters will give you just the right combination of rebelliousness,
edginess and cool that Wentworth Miller seems to possess. His everyday style of dress is
more casual and laid back, but at the same time sophisticated.
David Beckham
Who says you can`t look just as good on the field as you do off of the field? David Beckham
proves that! With a proper mix of form and function, soccer clothing can keep you cool, dry
and in the game while making no sacrifices in style.
Patrick Dempsey
The A-list actor who plays Dr. McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy is an avid cyclist. You can
bet he'd rather be on his bike than the red carpet and to do that he needs the best
cycling gear.
Terrell Owens
Compression clothing is preferred by many athletes for varying athletic purposes. But just
because it's practical, doesn't mean it can't look good too! Terrel Owens does a good of doing
just that.
Eva Longoria
This Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, is snapped in
a glamorous blue velvet tracksuit.
Tom Cruise
oung Suri Cruise has become a fashion icon and has probably eclipsed her dad--Tom Cruise.
But the "old man" still shows his wild side when he jets off on his motorcycle. He wouldn't be
caught without the right equipment though.
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