Q008 Tri-Band Touch Screen Watch Phone Silver & Black

A Closer Look
If you take a step back and take a close look at how technology evolved in the past 10 years, there will undoubtedly be sighs of awe and proud satisfaction as you smile to yourself. It seems like only yesterday when we were introduced to the fantastic world of cellular technology with the over-sized “water-bottle” phone, the huge black walkie-talkie phone that resembles a brick and can be used as a weapon.
As the years slowly dwindle by, so does the size of these things. Smaller and smaller they go, and the buttons get harder and harder to press. Remember that Samsung phone 4 years ago that had the size of a thumb? Imagine pressing buttons on that thing, the horror of dialing international calls!

Technology Today
Nowadays, cellular phones not only co-exist with the growth of technology, but with the ever expanding fashion industry as well. Simply being the newest isn’t enough, the cellphone has to be cool and look good while being so. Awesome features are a must (i.e. iPhone), the design must be top-notch. Only when your cellphone puts the “OO” in cool will you find yourself truly satisfied, if only for the next month or so before a new model comes out.

Give users something new, something revolutionary. They are tired of seeing the same type of phones being made smaller and more complicated to use. They don’t really care if the phone can withstand the crush of a tank or the cold of space. Features and design are a given already, come up with new ideas that can “wow” and awe friends and family.

So, taking a hint from popular James Bond movies about high-tech gadgets, we introduce to you the all new Q008 (like 007, you know?). No use denying the fact that you’ve at least dreamt once about having Bond’s laser-watch. And just to clarify, this baby doesn’t shoot out lasers. That would just be downright dangerous. It does however, feature the following:

LightInTheBox offers a chance to complete your purchase of the Q008 with these cool and innovative products.

-Touch-screen display & handwritten input
  • -MP3/MP4 to enjoy all your music and video
  • -Support memory card
  • -Bluetooth Compatibility
  • -0.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
  • -And much more…

Why is It so cool?
The Q008 is also packed with all the features you will find on a normal cellphone. From calendars to SMS/MMS, alarm clocks, ring-tones, caller ID pictures, memos, and even a voice recorder, this watch-phone will not be lacking in any of these categories. Support for MP3 means you can upload your favorite ring-tones. But wait, if it’s so small, where are the keys? Read the list above this paragraph again, “touch-screen display & handwritten input”. This baby comes with a small pen that hides itself within the watchband, just like a Pocket PC. Awesome. Bluetooth technology enables you to use your wireless headset to take incoming calls and listen to music. The built-in 0.3 mega pixel camera allows you to take pictures with your watch, and shows clearly on the watch’s 1.6 inch, 240x320, 260K color pixel display. The included 1GB TF card ensure that you have enough space to hold all the junk you want, before having to expand the memory with additional memory cards. And last but not least, the Q008 supports GPRS and WAP that will allow you connect to the web effortlessly.

Hands on
It is hard to describe how awesome this product is with just words. Like all new and revolutionary technology, you simply have to go “hands-on” with it to truly get a feel of how great it is. So it is iPhone you say? Nay, the next big thing is Bond-like cellphone watches. Welcome to the 22nd century.

Included in the package are:

1 x Cellphone Watch
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Bluetooth
1 x Earphone
1 x USB Cable
1 x Battery Charger
2 x Batteries 

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