No matter your complexion or coloring, red has the magic power to let you feel unique and confident with your great body and beautiful soul. Try something different and bold this Christmas and go red! The color of your dress is the first thing to grab the attention of others, and with a vivacious and passionate red the chances of being the center of any party are multiplied. A red dress also works well with almost every hair color. Dark and brown hair readily compliments every shade and hue of red, whereas blond and red hair is enhanced by a well-chosen red number! So pick up a scintillating scarlet red dress and prepare to shine this Christmas holiday!
Warning, this sexy red dress may be too hot to handle! Although it requires a near perfect physique to pull off, the results can be devastating. Different make-up styles and accessories can help complete your look, just pick up what you prefer.
* Tips for Make-up: Purple/ Red lipstick is back! Use it fearlessly.
* Tips for Jewelry: Wear cuff bracelets and put some dazzling stones around your neck.
* Tips for Jackets: Sequins and leather will be the fashion this winter.
So use your imagination, get some interesting accessories to let you look fabulous, and dominate this holiday season. Pick up this dress, and make a start on your unique look!
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