On 12 May 2008, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake devastated south-west China, leaving five million people homeless and taking over 80,000 lives, many of them children. Shocked, people around the world responded with a compassion matched only by the incredible strength and courage of those affected. Donations poured into the disaster struck Wenchuan region, allowing the green shoots of recovery to burst through the quake's ruins.

One year on, with the global media's attention elsewhere, the lives of Wenchuan's survivors have blossomed into a testimony to the unconquerable power of the human spirit. But that is not to say all wounds have healed. Despite the massive scale of recovery, 500,000 survivors remain in temporary accommodation, not to mention the emotional scars which will take a generation or more to heal. Yet by tearing apart buildings, the 2008 Earthquake only succeeded in uniting people, as the hand of love was extended toward a grieving people. Now some regeneration has been achieved, are we to now withdraw that hand?

LightInTheBox believes the ties of friendship forged by the Quake should not be broken. This is why we continue to provide support and aid to the people of south-west China with the same passion as we did 12 months ago. On this day, May 12, everyone at LightInTheBox invites one and all to join us in sending our best wishes to the brave people of Wenchuan, and all those affected by the 2008 tragedy. Together, let us continue to build a beautiful new home.

-LightInTheBox Team