The best surprises aren’t the ones that you don’t see coming. It is when you are surprised by what you are surprised on that makes the icing on the cake. It was a cold morning, and UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile PC) are on the rise. You are, undoubtedly, aware of the digital trend to shrink the sizes of devices and gadgets. It would only seem natural for computers and laptops to follow the crowd as well. And it is old news, very old news. Mini PCs and laptops had been around for the past few years. Like most of you, I’ve been skeptical about it. Sure, it’s smaller, easier to carry around. But where it excels in versatility, it loses on price.
You will be reminded of the human population growth chart as you compare the prices on these midgets. The higher spec model you want, the greater gap it jumps in price. It looks like flow charts on a highly infectious disease, where each step you climb returns in exponential burden. If you go cheap, you can’t really do much except use basic applications like Microsoft word, or browse the internet. Yeah, you can play minesweeper or solitaire, but that’s about it. If you go high-tech, you will most definitely be looking at 3 zeros, or something ridiculous in the 4 digits range (Sony VAIO UX390N anyone?). And even then the UMPC loses when compared to a same priced, normal PC rig. It just doesn’t seem worth it…


Enter the morning surprise. Introducing the all-new “SUPER” Mini-Laptop, it’s slick, it’s powerful, it’s cheap, and it’s not made in Japan. What, a powerful digital device that is NOT made in Japan!? You read that right.


This “SUPER” Mini-Laptop features a 1.6GHZ CPU and 1GB of DDR2 Ram. That is enough processing power for your average everyday use. Open a word document, serve the web, and listen to music all without being slowed down one bit. A 120GB SATA hard-drive will ensure that you have enough space to pile in all your junk. Built-in WiFi makes connecting to the internet easy and trouble free as long as a wireless connection is available. And then imagine all that in half the size of an A4 paper.

The device also comes included with 2 USB ports, 1 LAN port, a VGA connector, your basic audio in/output, and a special 4 in 1 card reader.

The “super-ness” continues. Popular in many laptops today are built-in cameras. This Mini Laptop doesn’t lose either. Stand-alone webcams are so out of date.
The surprise doesn’t end there. Check out the price tag of this baby. For just US$ 399.99, you can have this off the hook “SUPER” Mini-Laptop. No need to shell out 4 digits for the Sony VAIO UX390n, and for half the price of the New HP 2133 Mini-Notebook, you can have in possession a UMPC that rivals the Asus EEE 2G PC. Need I say more?

Here are some of things that come with the package:

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