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Tattoo Kits Buying Guide

Basic Knowledge


Grip is used as the connection between the machine and the tip. This will be the part that you hold onto during the tattooing process.


Tip is connected at the end of the grip. These vary in size depending on the number, size and shape of the needle you are using. The ends of your needles will rest in them to help guide them as the machine generates punch to the needles.


Needles are used to drive the ink into the subcutaneous layer of the skin so that the tattoo becomes permanent. The needles used are normally in a group called sharps and attached to a needle bar. There are two different types of tattoo needle which are used for specific tasks, a liner needle and a shading needle.

Ink Cup and Ink Cup Holder

Ink cups are used to hold different colors. New ink cups are used for each tattoo and one for each color in order to prevent cross contamination from one client to the next.

Practice Skin:

Practice skin is not exactly like real skin, but it gives great practice so that a new artist can learn how to control his new machine. There are two types, one with specific pictures and the other not and you can try anything you like.

Anti-Scar Cream:

The skin must be lubricated before the needle can successfully penetrate and inject color into the 2nd layer. Without enough lube you could seriously scar a client, it also helps in removing excess pigments from the skin after the application.

Clip Cord:

The clip cord is used to connect the tattoo gun's magnetic coils to the power supply.

Foot Switch:

Foot switches can be used to turn the power on and off with the foot, freeing the hands to work on the tattoo process.


O-rings are put on to take up the slack between the front spring and the A-bar. It smooths out the sound and performance. O-rings will make your machine run a little faster because of the little bit of extra tension that they add to the front spring. But with that, you have to use a little more voltage to push it.

Needle Grommet:

Needle grommets are placed at the end of the armature bar just beneath the machine spring. Hook the loop of your needle onto the grommet. The purpose is to ensure the end of the needle bar (the loop) fits snug.

Rubber Band:

Rubber bands are used around the machine to help hold the needle at the back of the tube's tip so that it stabilizes the position of needles tip leaving and re-entering the tip.

Adjustment Tool Set(Hex Key or Allen Wrench):

The hex key is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head. In the tattoo kit, the hex key is used to adjust the machine screws or the grips screws. In most kits, two or three hex keys are attached.


Razors are used to shave hair to make sure skin area is free to hair before tattooing. Disposable is necessary.


Disposable gloves are used to protect tattoo artist and clients from contamination.

Selection Advice
For starters:

1. A good tattoo kit needs to include minimum two quality tattoo guns and it is better if it has three or four. Then you can use one for outlining and another for shading without interrupting the process. If you have more than two guns, you can move from one color to another fluidly.

2. A good tattoo kit also comes with different tips, needles and colors to ensure that you do not face a shortage of supplies. You should have a good quantity of colors that are used most often, like black for outlining, and other fundamental colors such as red, yellow, and blue. Having additional ink colors and needles is usually helpful.

3. It also comes with practice materials to help you get familiar with the tattoo guns and other supplies before tattooing on the actual skin. Power supplies and others accessories are also necessary for a smooth tattoo.

For professionals: offers different choices for professionals:

1. Top quality Handmade Damascus steel tattoo kits: Damascus steel is characterized by its preciousness, toughness and resistance to rust and considered the best material for tattoo machine. Each Damascus machine comes with unique appearance, no two are ever alike.

2. Besides, offers various tattoo machines and tattoo accessories for daily use, tattoo needles, ink colors, transfer and supplies, machine parts, etc. And we also offer gift or discount for large orders.

Assemble Tattoo Kits

1. Connecting the Tip & Tube

Remove the tube and the tip from their packaging and connect them using the adjustment tool (Hex Key).

2. Fixing the Tube onto the Machine

Put on rubber gloves to maintain sanitation during assembly. Insert the end of tube into the slot on the front of the tattoo machine, adjusting the screw to fix it in place.

3. Inserting the Needle

Insert the needle into the tube. Be careful not to touch the inside of the tube.

4. Fixing the Needle with a Rubber Band and Grommet

Place several rubber bands around the tattoo machine's coils and over the needle's stem to stabilize the needle and hold it in place. Put the needle through the plastic grommet on the machine and make sure it's securely in place.

5. Connecting the Machine to the Power Supply

Connect the foot switch and clip cord to the power supply box.

6. Attaching the Clip Cord

Squeeze the clip cord's prongs together and attach the clip cord to the small holes in the back of the tattoo machine. It does not matter which of the leads of the clip cord is attached to which hole.

7. Testing the Machine

Plug in the power supply and turn it on. Press the foot switch and gradually turn up the dial on the power supply until the tattoo needle freely moves up and down. To check, put your finger under the grommet. If the machine slows down when you do this, turn the power dial up until the machine can handle a little bit of resistance.

8. Preparing the Tattoo Ink

Choose your ink color and carefully pour some ink into the ink cup, located on the machine's holder. Once you have some ink in the ink cup you may begin tattooing.

Applying Tattoo

1. Choose a stencil with your preferred design. If you are a beginner, we suggest you practice on the practice skin provided in our tattoo kits before attempting a live tattoo.

2. Transfer the stencil onto the area of skin you wish to apply the tattoo to. Use the oil lubricant for ease of transfer.

3. Apply the scar prevention cream over the skin. It is useful to do this throughout the tattoo application process.

4. When lining, use the liner tattoo machine to create outlines for your tattoo design.

5. For shading and coloring, fill in your design with the high quality shader tattoo machine.

6. Apply the scar prevention cream again once lining and shading has been applied.

7. After care is important. We advise you to cover the freshly tattooed area with plastic film to protect the area from dust and prevent any possible infection.

8. Keep your new tattoo clean. About three hours after applying the tattoo, clean the tattooed area with lukewarm water and mild, liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. After washing, dry the skin with a clean towel. Wait until the tattoo is dry and apply the scar prevention cream again.

9. The recovery period will vary. Normally, tattooed skin will recover in approximately a week’s time. It is recommended that you keep tattooed skin protected, even after healing is evident.

Recommendations & Tips
For Tattoo Recipient:

1. Do not consume alcohol or sun bathe before tattoo application.

2. Do have adequate rest and a shower before tattoo application.3. Do not shower or bathe for 3 hours after tattoo application.

4. Once you are able to shower, apply scar prevention cream on your tattooed skin before taking a shower or bath. Do not use soap on the tattooed area.

5. Continue to apply scar prevention cream on the tattooed skin for one or two days after having the tattoo applied.

6. Skin peeling after tattoo application is a normal. When your skin heals, the tattoo’s colors and design will emerge. If some colors do not appear or are faint, reapplication is possible.

7. After three to five days, the tattooed skin will scab and it may itch. The area must not be scratched. Instead, gentle slapping or the application of more scar prevention scream will relieve itchiness.

8. Wear loose clothes as much as possible after tattoo application.

9. If any unusual problems emerge, a tattoo artist should be contacted. Never take advice from non-professionals.

For Tattoo Artist:

1. Do not use the needle on anything except skin or the practice skin.

2. Make sure the needle is turned off when you are applying the scar prevention cream onto your recipient’s skin.

3. If the needle is not straight, tattoo application will not be successful. If this occurs, adjust it slightly and then perform a test on the practice skin.

4. After tattooing, needles and tips must be sterilized and the tattoo machines must be cleaned to avoid rusting. provides x50 pre made sterile tattoo needles in our tattoo kits.


If your machine does not work, a likely cause is an opening in your circuit or a shortage. You need to check all the possible contact parts to make sure they are connected well, including contact points, tattoo machine capacitors, power supply, foot pedal, and the clip cord.

1. Connect the power supply and turn it on, make sure the indicator turns red.

2. The clip cord leads may touch each other and cause a short circuit. Disconnect the leads and try again.

3. The contact screw may not be close enough to the spring and may not be making good contact, causing a short circuit. Turn off the power to release the contact screw, move it to the right location and turn the power on again.

4. The contact screw is not touching the spring. Turn off the power to release the contact screw, check its location to make sure it touches the spring and then tighten the screw to fix it.

Safety Certificates

Authentic CE and FCC certifications prove the safety and quality of our tattoo machines. Our factory has ten years of experience with manufacturing tattoo machines. We recommend that you not buy products without authentic CE and FCC safety certificates. If you do, you could be risking you and your tattoo recipients’ .

In the rare case that you have a problem with our products, we offer a one year warranty for your protection.

Shipping & Return Policy

Your order from will be checked thoroughly to ensure the quality of your tattoo machine. This will require approximately 3-5 days. Your order will be sent via EMS right to your door within 6-8 working days of processing.

Return Policy
All items, except sterilized products such as needles and inks, can be returned within 7 days of delivery. Please clearly state the reason for return on the package.

• Customers may be charged a 20% restocking fee on returned items.

• If there is an issue with the quality of the items, inclusive of shipping damages, you can return or exchange the products within 7 days of receiving the products, free of charge.

• If you find you are sensitive to the product after use, please show medical proof, such as a doctor's note, when returning the machine.

• Returned items must be in original, brand-new condition, showing no sign of being tampered with.

• Customers will not be charged for cancelling orders before shipping.