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How To Apply Eye Shadow
Eyes are one of the most important parts of your face, and if your eyes are perfect then everything else will fall into place. By following some simple guides, you can easily learn to apply eye shadow.
1.Select your colors
Before experimenting with bright, metallic or dark colors, you should get comfortable with neutrals. Once you are comfortable using neutral colors, you can then begin experimenting with more vibrant colors.
2.Applying the eye shadow

You should have three shades in the same color family. Apply the lightest color on the brow bone, the darkest color in the crease and the medium shade on the eyelid.

1.Use an eye shadow brush or sponge applicator and gently apply the lightest color from the crease up toward your eyebrow.

2.Apply the base color over your eyelid. Cover the entire lid all the way to the crease.

3.Apply the crease color using the flat side of a small, angled makeup brush. If you want the color to be a little more dramatic, you can wet your brush before applying the shadow.

4.Finally, gently blend the colors into each other using an eye smudge brush or your fingertip. First blend the outside corner of the eye, then the top and bottom of the lash line.

5.Finish up with eye liner and lash mascara.

6.Don’t forget to dip a cotton swab into eye makeup remover to clean up mistakes.

Achieving Smokey Eyes

In order to achieve the “smokey eyes” look, elect dark, neutral colors. Black eyeliner with gray eye shadow will work well for the smokey eyes effect.

First, create a smooth canvas for eye makeup by applying a primer to the entire eye area. You can use some concealer under your eyes with a thick coat of powder in order to catch any excess eye shadow, which can later be brushed away.

Line your upper eyelid with black eyeliner, making the line a little bit thicker than usual to create a stronger contrast. Choose a lighter-colored eyeliner and line the bottom of your eye. Smudge the liner with your finger to create a smoky appearance.

Next, apply eye shadow all over your eyelid, using the lighter color as a base. Blend the color all over your upper lid before applying the dark eye shadow, starting at the lash line and blending upward. A smoky effect makes eye color pop and creates a dramatic evening look.

Making Your Eye Shadow Last All Day

There are several things you can do to help your eyeshadow stay put and keep it from fading or creasing throughout the day.

1.Don't skip the primer. Using a primer will help your eye shadow stay in place and not crease or appear cakey. Apply a light coat of primer from your lash line to your brow bone.

2.Apply shadow with a brush. A brush will give you control when applying pigments. Use a small, fine brush made especially for eye shadow.

3.Use both cream and powder. Apply the cream in a thin layer (to avoid creases later in the day) over the entire lid. Follow by applying your powder shadow as usual.

Will it cause allergies?

All of our eyeshadow palettes have been tested and should not cause allergies. Occasionally, however, some customers may be allergic to a specific ingredient or ingredients in a product. If you have symptoms like redness, swelling, itching or hive-like breakouts with our makeup, please stop using it immediately and contact our Customer Service in order to request a return. We will give you full refund within 7 days of receiving your order as long as no more than 1/3 of the product has been used.

When requesting the return, please be ready to provide Customer Service with medical proof of the allergic reaction (such as a doctor's note).

Do these eyeshadow shades fit my skin?

Light eyes look good in brown, taupe, and bronze shades, & dark eyes look good in grays, blues, purples, and greens.

The palettes on our website contain everything you need to create a beautiful look in minutes. Each shade can be worn alone or in combination to create numerous eye-catching effects.

Is it easy for me to apply these eye shadows?
The palettes on our website are extremely high quality. The colors are great and very smooth to apply. They don’t become loose and powdery after multiple uses, and the colors last longer than most.
Shipping & Return Policy
Your package will be sent via EMS. Quick delivery right to your door within 6-8 working days of processing. The goods should be packaged well to ensure the whole package wouldn't destroyed by the transport.
Return Policy

All items in the Makeup Category are designated as OSRM (Other Special Regulated Materials) and once sold cannot be returned or exchanged except in particular circumstances, as listed below.

1. Quality Issues:
Makeup items with quality issues (including damage and poor quality) are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of receiving your order. Returned makeup items must be in brand-new condition, unused and in the original packaging.

2. Allergies:
Makeup items that cause an allergic reaction after use are eligible for a return within 7 days of receiving your order as long as no more than 1/3 of the product has been used. When requesting the return, please be ready to provide Customer Service with medical proof of the allergic reaction (such as a doctor's note).

3. Wrong Item Shipped:
After confirming the makeup sent to you is not what you ordered, you will have the option of keeping the makeup you received or sending it back to exchange for the correct one. We will exchange Makeup items once we’ve confirmed the item sent to you is not what you ordered. Returned makeup must be in brand-new condition, unused and in the original packaging.If you prefer to keep the makeup you received, we will refund the price difference if the wig you purchased is more expensive than the one you received.

Cancellation Policy

Requests for changes or cancellation to orders will be accepted at no charge up until shipment. Cancellation before shipment is eligible for full refund. If you receive an email entitled "Shipment Notification for order #XXXXXXX with", that means your order has shipped, your order cannot be changed or cancelled and will be treated as return. To cancel or change an order, please Login to My Orders and request a cancellation.

If you have any questions, please kindly contact our customer service, we are happy to solve your problems.