A Look Inside LightInTheBox.com's Warehouse

  • This December at LightInTheBox.com, we've reached an all-time high on orders placed and delivered!

    Every 24 hours, more than 10,000 costumers from all over the world will receive holiday gifts that have been shipped from LightInTheBox.com's warehouses in China. We've been working closely with UPS, DHL, FedEx and all our other partners over the past couple of months to ensure that all our Christmas Express packages arrive in time for this special holiday.

  • Here, we'd like to share some of the scenes from insideof our warehouse in Shenzhen, at the heart of the global manufacturing industry. We're calling it -- "Where Amazing Happens".

    If you want to know more about some of the amazing things we've done over the past couple of months, please join us on our Facebook Fan Page. We're ready to tell you more behind-the-scene stories!

  • The Shelves

    Though the picture looks quiet, our staff are working busily behind the shelves.

  • The Boxes

    All of the boxes in this picture are of the Versio Aquarius 600, this season's best-seller. They've been categorized by color.

  • The Cart

    Here are the products we've carefully selected according to customers' orders.

  • The Products

    These blue containers hold all the products we've picked from the shelves in the space of one hour. You can use your imagination to see how big the pile would be in 24 hours!

  • The Staff

    Hundreds of our employees in Shenzhen are packaging your products. They've been heard to say: "Wish we have five arms to get things done even faster!"

  • The Packages

    Here's what we call "the tip of iceberg". To keep from overwhelming you with the grand mountains of FedEx packages, we've only shown you a part of the pile!

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