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5 Steps to China b2b Success

Setting up your own online wholesale business is a great way to survive these credit-crunching times. With no premises to maintain, no staff to employ, and often no need for the products you sell to ever go directly through you, the life of an online wholesale dropshipper might seem like “easy money”. But there are always pit-falls, which is why LightInTheBox presents the top 5 steps to online wholesale Success:

5. Check out the reliability of your Wholesale Supplier
Maybe the biggest problem with the online wholesale sector is the sheer number of scammers. These are wholesalers who will take your money with a wink and a smile and then disappear off the face of the earth. Needless to say, neither you nor your customers ever see the products ordered. Research, research, and research again to make sure the supplier you will use is one you can trust.

4. Find your online wholesale niche
This step is no different from offline selling: find your market. When you find an online wholesaler you can trust, search their stock for an item you can sell effectively. You can search other online wholesalers, or online sellers like e-bay, to check the desirability, profitability, and “shipability” of various products and choose the online market you will enter. 

3. Get a few samples before you go wholesale
As a follow on from step 5, one way to really know if you can trust a wholesaler is to order a few samples of the product you want to sell before committing to a big order. Any reputable online wholesale outfit will be glad to send you a sample of their products; if they start demanding minimum order quantity (MOQ) of a few hundred then beware. LightInTheBox offers thousands of online wholesale items with no MOQ so you can “try before you buy”.

2. Write an accurate product description
Make sure the product description you provide is similar enough to the online wholesaler’s description. Yes, it’s just common sense, but many online sellers decide to spice up the online wholesaler’s product description and write something completely different. The result is a product that isn’t the same as the description you wrote, and demands for refunds that you’ll have to fork out for.

1. Set up your own online wholesale site
Many sellers get burned by the fees on e-bay and other hosting sites, yet setting up your own website isn’t that difficult. There are hundreds of free resources out there for people wanting to set up their own website, and almost as many online wholesale websites that you can use to draw inspiration for your own site.

And that’s it! The rest is down to hard work and commitment in making your online wholesale business a wholesale success! Browse LightInTheBox for a range of high-quality items at wholesale prices and see if you can’t start building your stock today.