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wholesale Affiliate Program
Reliable and professional China wholesale website where you can buy wholesale merchandise and dropship them anywhere in the world!
Recently, some websites have been using LightInTheBox.com's product images to sell their low-quality dresses. Even worse, they use the LightinTheBox.com brand image to confuse customers into buying dresses from their websites.
Attention customers: please be careful and only buy LightInTheBox.com dresses at the actual Lightinthebox.com website. These other untrustworthy online shops cannot provide high-quality dresses and will only bring you trouble.
LightinThebox.com hires the best dressmakers and experienced designers in China while using the finest production techniques. Our factories supply all our dresses, which makes it a quick and efficient process for our customers and us. Our efficiency and lowered operational expenditure can be seen in our great prices for the best dresses online.
Here are some factors you should consider before making your purchase:
1. Fabric
LightInTheBox.com uses 395 Taiwan Satin, which is very soft, doesn't wrinkle easily, is easy to iron and wash and has a natural glossy shine. It is also heavier than other types of satin with an extra 30-35 g/m2.

The individuals who are stealing our product images use satin that is only 120-125 g/m2, which is lower in quality, has an underwhelming gloss, is uncomfortable to touch and becomes wrinkled easily.
2. Embroidery
LightInTheBox.com's embroidery techniques are extremely detailed, look vivid and are very solid and compact.

The copied dresses' embroidery is poor because of its unimpressive technique and easily comes loose.
3. Beading
LightInThebox.com's dresses are made with beautiful beads on their sleeves and collars, which make the dress look more detailed and classic. All the beading is exquisitely made by hand.

The copied dresses normally have no beading details.
4. Inside Lining
At LighInTheBox.com we use a hard net lining to make our dresses, so even if you don't wear a petticoat, the dress will still look great. We also uses a comfortable lining clothe that feels nice to the touch.

The Lightinthebox.com dress copiers only use very poor clothe for the lining that has no style and counts bad stitching among its many problems.
5. Bodices & Fish Bones
The dresses from LightInTheBox.com have bodices that are really well-made, perfect for different styles and sizes. There are even seven fish bones in the bodice to make sure the dress holds its shape. The bones are capped so they don't push through the lining and they follow your curves to add support and make your body look great, even without a bra.

The LightInTheBox.com dress copiers do not put much thought into the bodice and they don't use fish bones, their dresses are just flat and lack any design to speak of.
Dear customer, we hope to make buying your wedding dress a joyous occasion and we wish you a wonderful wedding. To make it so, we hope you will choose a trustworthy shop from which to make your purchase.
If you have questions, please contact our customer service department or check our FAQ page for more information.