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coolcam - 光学3倍ズームワイヤレスのPTZ IPカメラ(2ウェイオーディオ、IRカット) #00290211

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センサーサイズ:1/4 Inch カラーCMOSセンサー


形状 PTZ,
Sensor CMOS,
センサーサイズ 1/4 Inch カラーCMOSセンサー,
有効画素数 0.3 MP,
レンズ(㎜) 6mm,
レンズ ズーム,
レンズ+ 赤外線カット, デイナイト,
視野角(度) 90,
最低照度(ルクス) 0.5Lux,
ビデオ圧縮 MJPEG,
ビデオフレームレート(FPS) 30,
リフレッシュレート 60HZ, 50HZ,
ビデオ調整 オートホワイトバランス, コントラスト調整可, 明るさ調節可,
OSD はい,
オーディオ出力 内蔵スピーカー,
オーディオ入力 外部マイク,
オーディオ圧縮規格 ADPCM,
接続モード ワイヤレス, 有線,
ネットワークインタフェース Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g, RJ45 10/100 Mbの自動適応イーサネットスロット,
P2P 対応,
ワイヤレスセキュリティ WPA2, WPA, WEP,
IPモード スタティックIPアドレス, ダイナミックIPアドレス,
DDNS(無料) はい,
アラーム入力 1On/Off入力,
アラーム出力 1リレー出力,
アラームアクション 現地警報, 電子メール写真, FTP写真,
玄関, 乳幼児部屋,
ビジネス 学校, 倉庫, 店舗, オフィス,
環境 屋内,
電源(V) 5,
消費電力(W) 5,
操作温度(℃) 0° ~ 55°C,
保存温度(℃) -10°C ~ 60°C,
湿度(%)RH 0% ~ 90%,
サイズ(長さ×高さ×幅、mm) 110x110x120,
重量(g) 625,
サポートモバイルシステム Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone OS,
サポートオペレーティングシステム Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 98,
サポートブラウザ その他, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE,
クライアントソフトウェア はい,
IR位置センサー 10-15m,
機能 モーション検出, デイナイト,
HDDレコーディング機能 はい,
IRナイトビジョンの距離(m) 10,
双方向ラジオ はい,
ボイスコール 双方向性音声,
ユーザーアカウントの設定(レベル) Yes,
ファームウェアの更新 はい,
パン/チルト水平(度) 300,
パン/チルト垂直(度) 90,
Language フランス語, スペイン語, イタリア語, ポルトガル語, ドイツ語, 英語, 簡体中国語, ロシア語,
ブランド名 NEO Coolcam,
セット内容 IPカメラ, ブラケット, 英語ユーザーマニュアル, CD, 無線LANアンテナ, イーサネットケーブル, ねじ, 電源アダプタ,





  • By ben
  • 購入者
  • 15 / 07 / 2012
this is a good camera that has a lot of features that work well and i am happy with it because it meets my needs.
i have the camera set up in a waterproof housing in my garden looking on to a bird feeding table. thanks to this camera i have already identified a species of bird that i did not realise was visiting my garden.
1) the tilt and pan features work very well. there is a slight lag between pressing the button and the camera responding, which is slightly longer when using a smartphone, but i do not feel that this is really a hindrance.
2) the zoom function is also good, but remember that the small lens means that detailed images are not available at distance. the pictures attached are fully zoomed in at a distance of 1.5 metres but also remember that i am looking at quite small garden birds.
3) the software is really good and easy to use. the smartphone android app i've found is just as good.
4) follow the instructions and the setup is also really easy.
5) the night vision is excellent.
6) customer services are excellent.

1) the camera seems to suffer a lot of saturation at even relatively low light. to overcome this i have painted the surface directly in front of the camera with matt black paint which has worked very well. polarized or anti glare sheets only blur the image. you can see the saturated effect at the top of the bird feeder in the attached photo, as well as along the top of the garden wall.
2) the camera does not have a dedicated focus function. when i asked about this i was informed by a very helpful customer services department that the camera is intended to focus through the zoom function. obviously therefore images are not crisp. customer services were very communicative and understanding in their communication which was very helpful. the manual indicates that the focus can be adjusted manually but does not describe or detail exactly how.

when you look at these photos remember they are the clearest photos i could get with absolutely nothing in front of the lens. that said, it meets my needs and it did not cost a lot of money so i am happy.

one more thing - the IR cut mentioned in the description means that the IR self activates. there is not a button to cut the IR function.
coolcam - 光学3倍ズームワイヤレスのPTZ IPカメラ(2ウェイオーディオ、IRカット) coolcam - 光学3倍ズームワイヤレスのPTZ IPカメラ(2ウェイオーディオ、IRカット)
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  • By rcpatten90
  • 購入者
  • 14 / 01 / 2014
delivered quickly & in good shape & packed well
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  • By Andy
  • 購入者
  • 22 / 12 / 2013
Works great, I love the PTZ features! This is my 2nd camera. The power supply of the first camera burnt out somehow, but the company promptly mailed a replacement. Thanks!
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  • By Gary M
  • 購入者
  • 29 / 10 / 2012
This camera works pretty well. I have 3 of them and they are easy to configure. I would suggest that if you purchase this or any other camera that you go to the app. store for your smartphone and download an app. named IP Cam Viewer. It costs 4.99 (I think) but it works awesome with this camera (and most others). I tried all of the free ones but they either didn't support this camera or just plain didn't work very well if at all. The IP Cam Viewer has nothing to configure and there are driver updates very often. It is all touch screen for the pan/zoom features.
  • Hi Gary. I agree that IP Cam Viewer is a great application. I go it working for an other IP Cam.
    But for this IP Cam I cannot find the correct brand/type.
    Can you tell me what selection you used.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paul. S
    By Paul 31 / 10 / 2012
  • Hey Gary and Paul, have you ever tried the Neocam_8 app for the iPhone/Android???

    All my IP Cam are working great together with this app, the app is for free!

    By dfp.rod 04 / 01 / 2013
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  • By Great camera
  • 購入者
  • 13 / 07 / 2013
Nice camera for the price. Good quality picture. Easy setup. Good features
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  • By Mike Langrish
  • 購入者
  • 18 / 04 / 2013
My unit works well and gives good pictures when viewing scenes at close range (5-10m), especially for indoor or darkish scenes. Its night vision is also good when the IR leds are on for scenes at this distance. For bright outdoor scenes its "Mode" must be set to "Outdoor" to avoid saturation/overloading from bright objects/scenes. This requirement is not covered in the User Manual, although the "Outdoor" feature is mentioned briefly on page 18, but not explained in detail.

I recommend this unit to anyone requiring an effective, low cost IP video camera with pan/tilt/zoom facilities.
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  • By Amazing!!!
  • 購入者
  • 15 / 02 / 2013
As an IT for a midsize business, i can tell you that this device works incredibly well in the field. It is a true bang for your buck. I have installed comparable cameras from major brands that cost 10 times as much and do not offer the same quality and reliability. The instructions are a little difficult, and figuring out some of the javascript that runs the camera can be difficult, but it has similar settings to the Loftek PTZ in case you're using ispy or ispyconnect.

I currently have over 10 of these at my location and i purchased a few for my home as well.

The night vision is great, but do not put it behind a smoked dome, it blocks the infrared.
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  • By mooneyb
  • 購入者
  • 25 / 01 / 2014
The camera has a fixed focus that was not properly done, so all target images are fuzzy.
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