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MY ワールドストア フラッシュセール モバイルアプリ


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  • By Marcelle
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

Hi guys,
so after having had my Senior Prom, I can safely say that I absolutely RECOMMEND THIS DRESS! I seriously have NOTHING to complain about it! It is absolutely stunning! I ordered mine in Gold and trust me, I was quite scared, but the color stayed true to what the website shows and I literally got wonderful compliments the WHOLE NIGHT! people said I looked "radiant" and this dress really made me feel like a princess! I bought size 6, usually I'm a ten but after having measured myself several times, I felt I could still fit in a 6! It was a perfect fit and I can't express how happy I am with the quality, service, and products of LightInTheBox.

Oh by the way, I am pretty short but I wore quite high heels which worked perfectly and therefore it didn't make my dress too long! :)

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By Kat
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

This dress is AMAZING in red!

I ordered it for my senior prom about a month in advance and it came in 23 weeks!

I got a size 4 without custom measurements and it fit perfectly! I'm really a 4 so it's true to the size.

The sheer part isn't as sheer in pictures but it doesn't really matter. You can hold it to the side indoors or let the wind blow it to the side outdoors. You can see the sheer material more outdoors.

The sequins are really nice because the entire underdress is covered with them.

There's a built in bra but I wore it with a strapless one anyways.

I'm also short (5'2") but with heels (5") it was perfect.

I am so in love with this dress!

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By Gwen
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I bought this dress in red and I love it. The chiffon isn't as sheer as it looks in the model's photos, but it still looks awesome. I got a size 6 and it's a tad bit large, but it's not a problem.

Thanks, Light In The Box! Can't wait to show off my dress at prom ;)

Oh, and here are some photos of the dress. I know some people have been wanting to see it in red :) The first photo has no camera effects, the second one does, so the color is lighter.

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By maria pia
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

quest abito nero,QUARTILLA per il 30 settembre...non è possibile??Poi come si effettua il pagamento??grazie mille

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By seungyoon27
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

Quite good, but not super awesome. True to color and glovelike fitting and everything. But WITHOUT a spotlight like the one in the picture, you wouldn't look as stunning as the model. I want something with dual poles of the beauty; classical gracefulness and sexy cuteness, but it only turned out to be something in the middle. *sigh* And I think more skin exposure is needed, because it's too classy while I want something more skanky. By the way I am US 2 size and 5'7 (170cm) tall. Hope this help.

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By Laura
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I didn't fill in the right measurements so it didn't fit perfectly so I really recommend you to give your measurements, because then, the dress is really beautiful! all my friends were jealous when i was showing the dress.
with the right shoes, it's top class! It looks like a million dollars!
My best friend's actually borrowing it right now because she was going to a ball. everybody wants it!

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By chris
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

cet robe et magnifique et a une bonne tenue elle a d ailleurs permis a ma fille de gagner son coucours de miss merci

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By dianne
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

The dress arrived quickly and was truly gorgeous in royal blue. I found the bra cups sewn inside uncomfortable and felt it either too small or sewn in the wrong place. I am a larger busted woman. For a lady with small bust this would not be an issue. I will wear the dress but not with as much enthusiasm. So I recommend this dress highly, however advise full=figured women to select a different style. I had to pin the chiffon skirting up to avoid stepping on it. I am 5'7" and it dragged the ground several inches.

ロングドレス スレンダーライン スパンコール/シフォン
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  • By chey
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969


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  • By Kumiko Hiraoka
  • 購入者
  • 31 / 12 / 1969


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