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GPS와 6.2 인치 2Din 자동차 DVD 플레이어, TV, 게임, 블루투스 #00490147

USD $ 173.99
할인 $94.00 (55% 할인)
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저희 웹사이트에서 보이는 모든 자동차 dvd 플레이어는 설치가 쉽고 대부분의 자동차 버전 모델과 호환이 가능합니다.

구매 가이드 반품 규정

상품 정보

특별한 특징

주의 :
이 제품은 대부분의 차량에서 작동하도록 설계 유니버설 DVD 플레이어입니다. 제품 차원에 따라 자동차에 대한 올바른 DVD 플레이어를 선택하십시오.
이 차 DVD 플레이어와 본격 명예의 GPS지도를 구입하고 전체 가격에서 $ 50 저장!
이 제품의 GPS 카드 슬롯은 TF 카드에 맞는!

  • OSD 언어 : 영어, 프랑스어, 이탈리아어, 포르투갈어, 러시아어, 중국어, 태국어, 아랍어
  • 세부 정보

    외장 메모리 최대 32GB/SD 카드,
    특징 SD/USB 지원, 터치 스크린, FM 트랜스미터, 게임, 서브우퍼 출력, 운전대 조절, 3D 인터페이스, RDS, iPod, GPS, 내장 블루투스,
    디지털 TV 혹은 아날로그 TV 아날로그 TV,
    화면 비율 0.67291666666666661,
    스크린 사이즈 6.2 인치,
    화면 해상도 800 x 480,
    OSD 언어 태국어, 중국어, 아랍어, 러시아어, 포루투칼어, 이태리어, 프랑스어, 영어,
    미디어 타입 DIVX, DVD, Mp3, VCD, CD-R/RW, CD, AVI,
    라디오 응답 밴드너비 AM: 522 KHz-1620 KHz;FM: 87.5 MHz-108 MHz,
    작동 시스템 윈도우 CE 6.0,
    GPS 프로세서 ARM 12,
    GPS 카드 슬롯 TF 카드,
    지원 맵 IGO,
    음성 네비게이션 네,
    앰프 최대 출력 전원/ 채널 Qty 45와트 x 4,
    리모컨 네,
    컨넥터 타입 AUX-IN 1개, 전원 커넥터 1개, TV 안테나 1개, Ipod 1개, 운전대 조절 1개, 커넥터 1개 (i.e. 전원 커넥터), 브레이크 체크 1개, A/V IN 1개, A/V OUT 2개, GPS 안테나 1개, USB 1개, 서브우퍼 1개,
    타입 2 Din,
    색상 블랙,
    순 중량 1.98,
    품질보증 1 년,
    박스 구성 전원 케이블 × 1, 스타일러스 펜 × 1, GPS 안테나 × 1, USB 케이블 × 1, iPod 케이블 × 1, AV 케이블 세트 × 1, 설치 하드웨어 세트 × 1, 사용자 메뉴얼 × 1, 리모컨 × 1, DVD 호스트 × 1,
    결제 방법

    신용카드 승인:

    결제 서비스:

    구매 고객님 사진
    최근 리뷰
    • 분류 hsupss
    • 인증된 구매자
    • 18 / 03 / 2015
    It is a nice head unit but by all means it is not perfect. I am an Electrical Engineer, I have tested every single function and feature of this unit and it has a couple major flaws.

    1) If you are in the US, the RDS is NOT working, it is disabled. The hardware is perfectly capable receiving the RDS signals but is not configured properly for the US market. The proof is that if you select your location as “Europe” then the radio display properly the RDS data but the AM/FM station spacing is wrong for the US.

    2) The LCD display is not configured properly for night viewing of the Reverse rear view camera. The display contrast is automatically reduced at night which is nice for normal display, EXCEPT from the rear view camera. Since the video from the rear view camera is naturally very dim at night (it is dark), reducing the display contras makes the picture very poor quality. To overcome this problem, you can add a switch just for your rear viewing camera so you could open the connection between the Illumination wire from your dashboard and the radio. If you understand this concept and you are an Electrical Engineer, you can design (as I did) an electronic switch which does it automatically when you are in Reverse.

    I am very disappointed with this head unit because it could have been a very good unit. Again, except for the above problems the unit looks very solid. What makes it worse is that the above problems could have been easily fixed with some very minor changes to the units Firmware before it went into production. By the way, I contacted the manufacturer (CarBetter) but have not received any response.

    If you can live with the above problems, considering the price of the unit, it is probably a good buy.
    GPS와 6.2 인치 2Din 자동차 DVD 플레이어, TV, 게임, 블루투스

    댓글을 작성해 주세요.

    • 분류 jose sobral
    • 14 / 04 / 2014
    ola pessoal gostava de saber se este radio da para uma Renault megane 2 e se o sistema de telefone da para aceder através da lista telefónica o só através marcação de números.
    GPS와 6.2 인치 2Din 자동차 DVD 플레이어, TV, 게임, 블루투스

    댓글을 작성해 주세요.

    • 분류 Keith, Florida
    • 인증된 구매자
    • 16 / 03 / 2013
    I bought this DVD multimedia player for my 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE. I live in Florida USA and this is the best system I found. the ones here in the states do not compare to what this little gem has. I received it on 3/8/2013 and installed it the next day. it was very simple and now I can not believe how good this is. the DVD player and all the little functions are as good as my multi media system in the house.. well close as it can get any ways. the picture is superb, the sound is excellent, and it fit right on in with out any modifications to the face as you can see by the photos. all that is said, it has got to be the best one I have ever owned for my car. this system does not compare to the other higher upper end of radios and multi systems as this is concerned. it has more functions that I had previously knew about. it has a calendar, time settings, car logo and others . I will recommend this radio/multi system to anyone who has a 1996-1999 Sentra or a 200SX. you would not be disappointed..i know I have not. as a matter of fact I plan on getting the headrest video systems for this too!.. please enjoy it as I know I will.
    GPS와 6.2 인치 2Din 자동차 DVD 플레이어, TV, 게임, 블루투스
    • can you choose the car logo or is pre installed
      분류 little_d_dionx_B 10 / 05 / 2013

    댓글을 작성해 주세요.

    • 분류 Chris Davis
    • 인증된 구매자
    • 07 / 02 / 2013
    I was pleasantly surprised with the product and its features. The GPS function works great and is fast and accurate. The sound quality is good. DVD playback is smooth and looks great. I have copied a number of videos to a SD card and inserted it into the radio and it plays all of them. I have tested mpeg 1, 2, 4, Divx AVI , and similar file types with out problems. I have not tested the ipod function or the usb function, but I am sure that they will function just as well. The other video input options worked well as well as the backup camera function. If wired correctly it will auto switch to the backup camera once you shift to reverse. The steering wheel controls can be tricky to setup and wire. The radio has 3 wires for setting up the controls. Key 1, Key 2, and Ground wire. After much testing I ended up only using 1 of the three wires and only one of the 4 possible for my car. I was surprised to discover that I was only a 1 wire hook up. Programming the buttons was confusing at first but was easily understood once I got the first couple buttons programmed. Just a tip, when programming the buttons, all buttons must be programmed in the same setup session. E.G. If you set up the volume control, exit and test. When you go back in to program other buttons, the previous programmed buttons will be reset. Program all buttons in a single Session. I like the bluetooth function. Come over the speakers clear and the person I talk to says I sound clear and doesn't hear an echo that is sometimes complained about with car bluetooth systems. Playing music over bluetooth is awesome. I don't have to hook up an audio cable to my phone to the radio. I have really only 2 minor complaints. 1. The radio doesn't have RDS. So when listening to the radio, it only displays the channel. 2. It only has one visual theme available and I have not found a way to add additional to the radio. As I said these are minor and are only personal preferences that I can't implement. Over all, the radio works great and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I have already recommended this radio to a few friends and recommend it to any one looking for this type of stereo for their vehicles.
    GPS와 6.2 인치 2Din 자동차 DVD 플레이어, TV, 게임, 블루투스
    • how did you get it to say ford?
      분류 Justin.magill84 10 / 04 / 2013
    • che colore è l'illuminazione notturana
      분류 andreacolasanti1970 23 / 05 / 2013
    • Hello, can you tell me where did you get the face plate? my radio didn't come with it.
      분류 carolina.nu 01 / 06 / 2013

    댓글을 작성해 주세요.

    • 분류 eberge
    • 인증된 구매자
    • 06 / 07 / 2015
    Bon produit correspondant bien à mes attentes,
    dommage que la doc ne soit pas en Français.
    • Merci pour votre temps. Nous continuerons à améliorer nos services et la qualité des produits à l'avenir. Nous espérons pouvoir vous servir davantage une prochaine fois !
      분류 Nicole 06 / 07 / 2015

    댓글을 작성해 주세요.

    • 분류 koromjani71
    • 인증된 구매자
    • 03 / 03 / 2015
    A küldemény gyorsan megérkezett. A gps-en az igo nem fut, ebben segítséget kérnék!!!! Illetve a Tv funkcióhoz dvb-t antenna javít e a vételen. Üdv, János

    댓글을 작성해 주세요.

    • 분류 msznr78
    • 인증된 구매자
    • 23 / 02 / 2015
    There is not my car logo (Alfa Romeo) in its software, and the unit is too slow.

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