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  • 분류 Elle
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

A really nicely made piece, fits almost perfectly apart from a little loose on the shoulder, but all my dresses need taking up there, which I can get done easily. A gorgeous colour too. Was really impressed by the speed of delivery, and I am sure I will be the only one in that dress at the event! Thank you so much for a gorgeous dress.

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  • 분류 Ramona
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I ordered this dress in ruby, had to return it for a larger size. This dress fits perfectly. I wore it a few days ago and I'm still receiving complements. No problems with getting a larger size and delivery time was even sooner than expected. I particularly like the idea of not having to wear an additional bra.

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  • 분류 Solveig molgaar
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

The dress is very beautiful and fits me perfectly very beautiful indeed!!
Best wishes for your team ...

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  • 분류 Sigrid
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

Mycket fin klänning till ett fantastiskt pris.

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  • 분류 Diane
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I ordered this dress for my daughter's brides maid in chocolate. We had it tailored to the measurements and it fit beautifully. I especially like the layering that is done in the upper torso area; very flattering. We paid for expedited shipment and received the dress three weeks from the time of the order. We were very pleased with the finished product and the leadtime from order to finish. I will definately look at this site when I need another formal dress. Thank you for wonderful customer service and a very well made product.

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  • 분류 Cate Tucker
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

Arrived on schedule. Dress is perfect. I ordered a size up this time. Because these dresses are made so well the boning, lining all finished inside it took up more space then a not totally finished inside. By ordering the next size up it allowed the proper fit for my dress. I ordered this dress in Watermelon. It is STUNNING !!!
Fabulous dress. Workmanship is exquisite.
Would highly recommend this company...Cate.

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  • 분류 Merit Mailloux
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I was thrilled when my girlfriend asked me to become matron of honor at her mid July wedding! Unfortunately, the thrill soon became incredible frustration as I began my journey to seek the requested color of ruby red for my matron dress!

Miles of driving and shopping proved to be fruitless! The very few red dresses I found were, for the most part, slinky, strapless, mini length cocktail dresses made 20 year olds; nothing suitable for a 50+ year old, petite yet fashion conscious woman.

Bridal shops, boasting of wonderful mother of the bride collections, carried inventory much more suitable for grandmother of the bride! All in all, mile after mile, I traveled to fifty stores! I visited specialty shops, exclusive malls and outlet stores! Nothing! Friends, colleagues and Facebook were all kept well abreast of my journey.

My final resolve was the internet and I resolved to make it work for me! Alas, hour after hour of surfing did not yield much by visiting one website after another. In desperation, I tried my luck with the search window. I typed in variations of "special occasion dresses", "bridal party dresses", "mother of the bride dresses" and, eventually, "red dresses"!

At last! A viable option (and ultimately only option!) appeared as a lovely red dress I found at Lightinthebox.com! It actually had all the design features I wanted in my dress, down to the chiffon fabric! The added bonus was the discounted price of the dress. What a bargain it was in comparison to all the other options I had seen!

I took my measurements and calculated my dress size (thank you so much for providing your sizing information). With hope in my heart, I held my breath as I clicked the send button on my order!

I have since received my dress in record time and I am thrilled! It is lovelier and better constructed than I could have asked for and I am so very grateful and relieved! I look forward to my girlfriend's wedding in July. She, too, will love this dress as I do and it will compliment hers very nicely. Together, we will celebrate her joyous occasion looking lovely indeed.

Thank you, Lightinthebox! You saved my life and my wits!

Oh, by the way, you can be sure that I am singing the praises of your website to all who ask how my search went and to everyone else as well!

With gratitude.

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  • 분류 Losyk Hélène
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

magnifique qualité couleur et tissus, les finitions sont nettes et soignées
avec les mesures prises (taille 48 français)elle ma va très bien, elle était faite pour moi !!!!
je suis plus que ravie et la conseille a toutes les femmes aux formes généreuses comme moi

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  • 분류 Tab
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I got this dress in ivory. It's very attractive but quite layered so be careful if you want it for very hot weather.

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  • 분류 Brenda (mother)
  • 인증된 구매자
  • 31 / 12 / 1969

I ordered the dress; non altered and it fits just fine; true to size. Excellent high quality. Color matches picture exactly. This dress will last for many many years to come

One note: I was in no hurry to receive it; so ordered the cheapest postage option and true to what the company said it took 23 weeks. Not complaining just letting anyone know if you want your dress in a hurry pay for the expidited shipping.

Awesome company. I will definatley keep coming back.

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