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  • what is the length of this skirt? Thanks.

    what is the length of THIS ONE skirt?

    по baobao 01.09.2014


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    The length of the dress is 47.24inch(120cm). Thank you for shopping with us.

    по Cherish 01.09.2014 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • I can't find my order record.

    여자보다 색상 볼룸 안무 복을 viscose 현대적인 댄스 dresse #00248972

    I ordered, and paid this royal blue dress(#00248972) on march 11th.
    The item hasn't arrived yet, and I can't find my order record on this site my account page.
    I haven't recieved order confirm mail, but my money was remitted.

    Cardholder's name doesn't match orderer's name, but the address is same.

    How my order is going, and what should I do?

    по 유선화 31.03.2014


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    "Dear Customer,
    Thank you for shopping with us at LightInTheBox.com
    please send a ticekt from our afterservice,
    our customer service will help you.
    you can click the link to check how to send a ticekt

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.
    We will be glad to help.


    по Stephan 31.03.2014 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • JE NE TROUVE PASl'endroit où l'on met la taille.il me la faut en 42

    D'aprés les commentaires,je serais élégante pour aller voir ANDRE RIEU.J'espère ne paqs être décue

    по HOUNAU MARYSE 09.03.2014


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

  • wie lang ist die lieferzeit???????????????????????????????

    BITTE ANTWORTEN??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    по lena müller 28.11.2013


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    "Liebe Kundin,Liebe Kunde
    Vielen Dank für den Einkauf bei uns Lightinthebox
    Wir benötigen normale Bearbeitungszeit: 6 - 8 Arbeitstage.
    Die Lieferzeit mit Express dauert 3-5 Arbeitstage , mit Standard 6-8 Arbeitstage.
    Falls Sie noch damit Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren. Wir sind immer bei Ihnen sein.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    по Stephan 29.11.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Hi, when you give the waist measurement is the 31" the most that it will stretch?

    Is it possible to buy extra material to alter the waist and make it bigger? Also, the price is not given in American money .. how much is it in $ ?

    по Cindy 07.09.2013


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    Sorry, this dress doesn't have extra material for buying to make the alteration. The material doesn't stretch much. Putting the mouse on the currency besides the price, you can change the currency to US dollar. Thank you for shopping with us:)

    по Dale 08.09.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Is it possible to get this dress in 4 different colors.

    Can you make this with different colored fabric?

    по Suman 26.02.2013


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    Thanks for your question.
    We are sorry that we only offer 3 colors for that item.
    And they are ruby, black and royal blue.
    Hope you enjoy shopping here.

    по Smiley 26.02.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Hi, can you please confirm what kind of sole this shoe has?

    Description states it is leather but picture looks like it may be suede.


    по Lynn 23.02.2013


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    Thanks for your question.
    Please kindly note that the color be on shown is royal blue and you can order this dress in royal blue.
    Hope you enjoy shopping here.

    по Smiley 25.02.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

    Thanks for your question.
    Please kindly note that the outsole materials is Leather.
    Hope you enjoy shopping here.

    по Smiley 25.02.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • I was sent a e-mail this item was back in stock, but I can't seem to find the place to order it

    What am I doing wrong? Was I sent the wrong information?

    по Cindy 23.02.2013


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    Thanks for your question.
    Please kindly note that item comes back now.
    And you can order it.

    Please kindly note that in order to get the best shopping experience, your first step should be to register with us for a free account. You can then easily browse our site, choose the item(s) you want to purchase and check out.
    For more detailed information, please visit this link for “How Can I Make an Order”:
    Hope you enjoy shopping here.

    по Smiley 25.02.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Buona sera. Non trovo lo spazio per inserire la taglia cosa devo fare? Grazie mille

    Abbiamo bisogno si 6 abiti #00248972 ma non abbiamo la possibilità di specificare la taglia, per noi è un problema che vogliamo risolvere presto è urgente. Grazie
    Mariella Baldi

    по mariella 28.11.2012


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    Gentile Cliente,
    Grazie per aver visitato il nostro sito.
    Ci dispiace che questo modello di vestito è di taglia unica, non si può scegliere la misura come vuole.

    по Simona 28.11.2012 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • My question was is there a charge for making the dress to individual measurements.

    I would also like to know what is the length of the one-size dress please?

    по Auriel Rankmore 05.10.2012


    Пожалуйста, напишите свой ответ.

    Sorry we don't offer custom measurement for this dress. It comes with one-size. Please check the following details about its size:
    Bust: 33.9inch-38.6inch(86cm-98cm)
    Waist: 26.8inch-31.89inch(68cm-80cm)
    Hip: 35.4inch-39.4inch(90cm-100cm)
    As long as your sizes could go with the range, it will fit you well.
    Hope you enjoy your shopping here. :)

    по Smile 07.10.2012 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)


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