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LightInTheBox.com осуществляет доставку товаров практически в любую страну мира.

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  • hi friend. I have a doubt about a custom made dress.

    May I take my height with the heels?

    по Natalia 29.09.2014

    If you order standard size from the drop down menu, the length will be made by the size chart. But if you order in "Custom measurements", an extra 5cm will be added to the length to fit for high heels. Hope you enjoy shopping here with us.

    по Bo 30.09.2014 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Can a swatch of the fabric be mailed to me before I make an order?

    Can a swatch of the fabric be mailed to me before I make an order?

    по Sabine 03.01.2014

    Please order the swatch book on this link:
    Hope you enjoy shopping here with us:)

    по Dale 05.01.2014 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Dress material

    Is it possible to have this dress made in a silver sequin/sparkley/metallic fabric?

    по May 08.07.2013

    Sorry that the fabric type can't be customized. Please check if the similar ones in sequined fabric can meet your satisfaction:
    Thank you for shopping with us:)

    по Dale 08.07.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Shorten dress?

    Would there be any way to make this dress a little shorter? Would like it cut about mid-calf...??

    по Danielle Flynn 18.03.2013

    Please kindly understand it that all of the dresses are made according to the picture on our website. No change of the design,material,length,sleeves or embellishment can be made due to this reason. If you don't like this dress in this way, please narrow down the research and find your favorite on our website. Hope you enjoy shopping here with us:)

    по Dale 18.03.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Different tailoring times

    I notice you give a tailoring time of 7-9 days and others are greater? How long would tailoring take for the dress inspired by Renee Bargh? I would also need to expedite shipping to Australia

    по Kristine 23.02.2013

    Thanks for your question.
    Please kindly note that because it is Chinese New Year season now, the supplier need more time to make it.
    And we will need a tailoring period of 16-19 business days and shipping time of 3-8 business days for that dress because it is made from scratch now.
    Hope you enjoy your shopping here.

    по Smiley 25.02.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)



    по naphisa03 29.01.2013

    Thanks for your question.
    We are sorry that we do not have a color named color coral color in our site. And watermelon is the closest color to color coral.
    Please click the link for color chart in our site for more information:
    Hope you enjoy shopping here.

    по Smiley 30.01.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • I need the dress in March, so when should I start ordering? I live in Anchorage, Alaska.

    I really like the "Taffeta Trumpet/ Mermaid One Shoulder Floor-length Evening Dress inspired by Renee Bargh" it blew me away. But I didn't want to rush my time into buying the dress. I want to know how long will it take to make the dress and how long shipping will be.

    по susan 23.01.2013

    Thanks for your question.
    Please kindly know that we will need a tailoring period of 7-9 business days and shipping time of 3-8 business days for that dress because it is made from scratch. So we may suggest you place the order a month before the occasion.
    Hope you enjoy your shopping here.

    по Smiley 24.01.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • HELLO, i need this dress by february 1st. is there any way to get it that quickly?

    HELLO, i need this dress by february 1st. is there any way to get it that quickly?

    по JD 22.01.2013

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    You can see in the specification part: tailoring time 7 to 9 working days and shipping time 3 to 8 working days, so about 3 weeks you can get it because they are made from scratch. If you choose expedited shipping method(fastest shipping method here) when you checkout, it takes about 10 to 14working days to you.
    This is the fastest time. We are afraid that the time is not enough for you to get it by Feb 1st.

    по Joy 22.01.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • Hi, I was hoping to order this dress in a really vibrant yellow.. is the DAFFODIL color

    chart a bright yellow or a pastel yellow ? Thank you

    по Lisa Roberts 04.01.2013

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Please check this color chart:http://www.lightinthebox.com/html/All-You-Need-To-Know.html?tab=1
    Hope you can enjoy shopping here.:)

    по Joy 07.01.2013 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)

  • I need the dress by january 31 if I orderd it today will I get it ?? it is for my daugther wedding

    If I make it custom make sholud I get it by January 31 ???

    по leelisa 16.12.2012

    Thanks for inquiry. The dress is made to order, so we need tailoring time and shipping time. The tailoring time is about 7-9 business days. The shipping time is different for different shipping method. For Expedited shipping method, the shipping time is 3-5 business days. You can receive it in about 10 to 17 business days by expedited shipping. Thanks for coming to our website and hope you can enjoy your shopping here.

    по Candy 16.12.2012 Полезный ли ответ? (0) (0)


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