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Lightinthebox offers you great nail tools & equipments with attractive prices
Transforming your nail painting into real nail art is not as complicated as you thought! You do not need to go out to fancy salons any more, all you need is our nail tools & equipments selection ! Lightinthebox provides you fantastic nail tools and equipments to do nail art DIY, design your own nail art from now on!

Lightinthebox is professional and reliable in nail tools & equipments
Founded in 2007,Lightinthebox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of  at great prices, especially the nail tools and equipments. We have manufacturing factories in China with well trained workers. We also have trustworthy vendors in China to provide trendy nail tools and equipment in the market.

Be a nail art designer
Nowadays, just making your nails red or blue isn’t really fashion anymore. Want to be an unique girl but have limited budget? Start design your own nail art now! We provides your high-quality and cheap nail tool and equipments, such as dotting tools and cuticle & callus removers. Using our cheap nail tools and equipments to design your own nail art, and be a nail art designer !

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