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Lightinthebox offers you great women's slippers & flip-flops with competitive prices
If you are looking for an upscale version that would help to upgrade your personal style, then try to come to Lightinthebox. Women's slippers & flip-flops  labels have jandals that come in unique tribal designs. Not your cup of tea? Try women’s sippers or flip-flops in paisley print. Slippers come with little bows which make women’s slippers or flip-flops great with culottes. You can be sure that women's slippers & flip-flops are comfortable as the materials used are focused on ensuring that you can walk for hours! Don’t wait, get one now!

Shop women's slippers & flip-flops now
Thongs, Hawaii chappal and Jandals, all these names refer to the same thing – women's slippers & flip-flops. Known around the world by different monikers, women's slippers & flip-flops  have become a casual footwear staple for everyone,Your go-to footwear for casual outfits is here on one handy catalogue. The name was derived from the sound it makes when the sole slaps against the floor while walking. Egyptians were believed to be the first inventors of the women's slippers & flip-flops . But it only gained popularity after World War II when American soldiers brought the Japanese ‘zori’ back to their country. A simple design is used and typically with a rubber sole. This makes it waterproof and perfect in rain or shine. So get your women's slippers & flip-flops  today!

Wearing women's slippers & flip-flops and spend a romantic beach holiday 
Inspired for the beach, women's slippers & flip-flops  in summer evening or a casual dressed down look,regardless of taste, demand or budget, there will be an option to suit you and once you’ve given them a test drive on the beach or poolside, you won’t ever flop back to old habits.

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