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32V Car Automatic circuit / Independent Positive and Negative One in and Multiple out Fuse Box with LED Indicator Light 1 in 12 out / Distribution Double Fuse / Easy Installation #7989588
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32V Car Automatic circuit / Independent Positive and Negative One in and Multiple out Fuse Box with LED Indicator Light 1 in 12 out / Distribution Double Fuse / Easy Installation
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Product Name: Independent positive and negative poles with one input and multiple output fuse box with LED indicators 1 input and 12 output Product model: CS-664A2 Product Net Weight: 279g Product gross weight: 285g Product Size: 138.25 * 85 * 36.5mm Product material: PBT body, PC waterproof and dustproof cover, nickel-plated copper connection terminal, PPX40 sticker Input rated voltage: 32V Input rated current: 100A Maximum output current: 30A per circuit Indicator color: red Main line terminal: M5 threaded stud Main line wire: 4-6 Single wire terminal: M4 threaded stud Single wire conductor: 12-16 Indicator function: When the red LED light is on, it indicates that the fuse has been disconnected, and the fuse needs to be replaced in time to continue operation Product installation range: Can be installed on cars, Yueshu, RVs, buses, yachts, boats, etc. Product use range: Can be directly connected to the line of any electrical appliances on the car / ship such as: roof lights, car headlights, width lights, fog lights, warning lights, car refrigerators, car chargers, car fans, car TV etc. Product accessories: Sticker X1; self-tapping screws X4; 20A fuse X6; 15A fuse X6; 10A fuse X6; 5A fuse X6 Fuse function: When the circuit is faulty or abnormal, the current increases continuously, and the increased current may damage some important or valuable devices in the circuit, or it may burn the circuit or even cause a fire. The fuse protects the electronic equipment from over-current damage, and can also avoid serious injury caused by internal failure of the electronic equipment. Therefore, each fuse has a rated specification, and the fuse will blow when the current exceeds the rated specification. If the fuse is correctly placed in the circuit, then the fuse will fuse itself to cut off the current when the current abnormally rises to a certain height and a certain temperature, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit. Product advantages: 1 The product adopts PBT flame retardant, high and low temperature environmental protection materials, which fully meets the fuse holder must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and should not be broken during use. , Deformation, burning and short circuit phenomena 2 All busbars and fuse clips are nickel-plated copper, with corrosion resistance and best conductivity 3 All fasteners are stainless steel, the input of the fuse box and the output end are fixed by tightening screws, which can be installed more quickly, and the fuse box is fixed by self-tapping screws, which is simpler and safer to install. 4 The product has a red LED indicator design, corresponding to each electrical appliance connected to the fuse piece. When the fuse is disconnected, the red light will be on, you can immediately know which fuse is broken, which is convenient for timely handling 5 The product is given a sticker, which can be attached to the electrical appliance we connect according to the name on the sticker. When the fuse is broken and the red light is on, we can first identify which electrical appliance has a problem. save time and energy 6 The product is delivered with double fuses. When applied, the fuse is burned out and can be replaced from the spare fuse immediately. The fuse is delivered with multiple amperes. The fuse can be selected according to the current electrical appliances.

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