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Από Πληροφορίες προϊόντος Miriam · 21 / 3 / 2017

The truth is that I have fallen, if yes … I have fallen into the trend of embroidered pants !! And I’m delighted with it! They are a great option that you can put together in a thousand and one ways.

And you tell me about this blouse off of shoulders (in Spanish shoulders on the air)

Is another trend that stomped this spring and I’m crazy. This season of course all that my eyes see is to extol the woman’s body and her femininity. Flyers, waist-high waist shorts simulating the 50’s and marking curves and the typical corset we’re seeing on toooodos sides. Some of these things I will not be able to wear them because not all of us fit a corset (I particularly emphasize my hip and I do not like anything)

But I’m sure something will sting this spring, the clothes that the designers offer us are a real wonder! A little kiss and do not stay without these flying things!