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Q9G - GPS Child Mobile Tracker with Google Map Link #00323006

Q9G - GPS Child Mobile Tracker with Google Map Link
$ 79.99
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זמן טיפול:  יחושבו כשהמוצר יבחר 
זמן משלוח: משלוח מהיר 2-4 ימי עסקים

פרטי מוצר


Main Functions: GPS Position Tracking, Defend Rail, Speedy Dialing, SOS Emergency Calling, Low RF, Puzzle games, Color Picture Frame

GPS Position:   The guardian can get message for the GPS data about latitude and longitude or map link to check the child’s position.
Remote monitor: Call the kid phone discretely and monitor/listen to activities around the child in events of emergency.
Geo fence:   Geo-fence zone so it will bring to your attention if your kids are venturing outside the area Parent or authorized person can track the kids continuously
Safe Firewall:  All the calls & SMS that are not included in the phone book will be auto rejected or blocked.  
Forbidden in Class:  The phone is not allowed to use in class to avoid interruption in spite of SOS emergency calls.
SOS Emergency Call:  In case of emergency, the children should press the SOS key to call those nearest 4 numbers pre-set in phone alternately.              
Restriction for calling time:  The guardians can set a time-limit for children to avoid too long talking & save the money.               
Low Radiation:  SAR=0.324 very low radiation
Color Picture Frame: Kids photo can insert.                                                                                                                                                     
Arrive school /leave school notification: Notify parents when kids arrive school or leave school
Power off limit: the kids are not to switch off the phone, unless the guardian send poweroff: command
MP3 function, Mini TF card slot allows you to down load many music or stories
Tracking web site: http://en.abdjy.com on line live track, and play back to check trace records

The SatGuide GPS Child Phone retains essential feature of a cell phone - to make phone calls when they need it. With only 2 preset phone numbers available and no TXT or Internet Surfing capabilities, your kids are less likely to spend hours of their time and expensive phone bills on unnecessary phone calls, instead, they will have more time for socializing, sports, homework and a healthier lifestyle.

SatGuide Child Phone is a powerful GPS phone for Child tracking with superior receiving sensitivity, Dual band GSM frequencies 900/1800

Its location can be monitored in real time or periodically reported by a backend server http://en.abdjy.com . The Child Phone can communicate with the backend server through the GPRS/GSM network to transfer reports of emergency / SOS , Geo-fence boundary crossings , low battery or scheduled. Kids can easily to dial one of two preset phone numbers by using one of the two quick dial buttons or the SOS button.

This Compact and Portable GPS child Phone comes as a stand alone unit with a built-in rechargeable battery. Very intuitive web interface where you can track your child / loved one / and assured location. Child phone can be Configure & control through web interface.

Making an SOS call during an unexpected emergency situation, the Child phone will also send out a TXT message containing its location.

Set the tracker phone to periodically report its location to you, so you know exactly where your kids are Setup a Geo-fence zone so it will bring to your attention if your kids are venturing outside the area Parent or authorized person can track the kids continuously;

GPS integrated, Superior signal reception. Accurate location determination even in partially concealed conditions.

Parent can locate the kid at all times discretely on a map through a web login without disturbing the child.
Can locate the child even when the GPS signals are not available, This is through GSM Cell tower triangulation technologies.

Can call the kid phone discretely and monitor/listen to activities around the child in events of emergency.

• Slim design and easy to use
• GSM Dual-band frequency with 2 preset phone numbers
• GPS function through SatTracx service.
• Timed report + Geo-fence for more security
• FREE mini USB earphone

Product Features:
- Ideal for locating Kids/Elders/Pets/Cars/Field force
- Works indoors, even when GPS is not available
- Locate conveniently by Calling/SMS/ Web(Free)
- Geo-fence set up with alert

GSM Specifications
Frequency : Triple-Band: 900/1800
Max Out RF power : 33.0dBm±2dBm
Dynamic Input Range : -15 ~ -102 dBm
Stability Of Frequency : Superior to 2.5ppm
Max Frequency Error : ±0.1ppm

GPS Specifications
GPS Chipset : SIRF Star III GPS Receiver Sensitive, Fast and Accurate
Sensitivity : Autonomous Acquisition -142 dBm,Hot start -155 dBm,Tracking -156 dBm
Channels : 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Warm start : <38s
Hot start : <2 s

General Specifications
Dimension: 88mm* 42mm * 15mm
Weight : 58 g
Backup Batteries : Li-ion 800 mAh , 3.7V
Standby Time Without report :120 to 150 Hours
5 minutes’ report : 50 to 60 Hours
Charge Voltage : 5 V DC

נקודת מכירה

גודל המסך(אִינְטשׁ): ≤3
הגבלות: הקופון לא ישים


הודיעה 2012-04,
גודל המסך(אִינְטשׁ) ≤3,
סוג מסך TFT,
משקל נטו(kg) 0.058,
רשימת אריזה
תכולת הקופסא מדריך למשתמש- אנגלית, מתאם כוח (0-240V 50/60Hz), כבל USB לטלפון, סוללת Li-ionנטענת, אוזניות סטריאו עם כבל ומיקרופון מובנה וקליפס, טלפון סלולרי,

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