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Becoming the Center of Attention -- Introduces Gossip Girl Fashions

BEIJING, April 28 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ( ) introduced over 100 wardrobe selections from the popular TV series, Gossip Girl ( ). From cute hair bands to elegant evening dresses, LightInTheBox offers gossip girl fans around the world a more economic way to be the center of attention for all those special occasions.

The TV series Gossip Girl was adapted from the popular book series of the same name, written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The show was considered to be one of the most anticipated new series of 2007-2008, due mostly to the book being a New York Times bestselling novel. The show revolves around the lives of socialite teenagers growing up in New York City’s Upper East Side. The series’ drama stems from the characters attending an elite academic institution while dealing with friends, family, jealousy, and other issues.

While the plot of the show has created many controversies for the exaggeration in the amount of partying and lack of parental involvement in teenager’s lives, the costume designs are known as popular fashion trendsetters. The clothes are as much a character as the wealthy adolescents themselves. From far-out fashions to wearable trends, the Gossip Girl styles are not only for teenagers. For those who were crazy about Jennifer Anniston’s hair cut in ‘Friends’ and Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes in ‘Sex and the City’, Gossip Girl costumes are just another fashion inspiration stemming from TV shows.

Each character in Gossip Girl has their own fashion taste, and that is one of the biggest reasons why Gossip Girl fashion is so irresistible to a wide range of girls. For example, Blair Waldorf’s style is very classic, preppy, and polished: definitely the quintessential upper-east-side stereotype. Serena Van Der Woodsen’s sense of style mixes a lot of fashion-forward and vintage pieces, prompting for a “boho chic” look. In real life, not everyone can afford couture, and a funky wardrobe always comes with a price. works with their suppliers to make trendsetting outfits affordable to all girls who are passionate about fashion around the world ( ).

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