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Every Day is Mother's Day - LightInTheBox.com Hand Picks Gifts for Moms

BEIJING, May 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LightInTheBox.com (http://www.LightInTheBox.com ) has launched its Mother's Day gifts special feature page (http://www.LightInTheBox.com/go/Mothers-Day ) so good sons and daughters can choose specially selected gifts for their moms. The gift ideas include fashionable handbags, jewelry, formal dresses, portable electronics, and swim suits. The promotion is not just limited to gifts. LightInTheBox offers discounts on a wide range of items for moms to give themselves a treat over Mother's Day Weekend.

Unlike the old days of stay-at-home moms, who spent all their time in domestic drudgery, modern moms today enjoy sparkling careers. Before becoming a mom, they may have been A-grade students in prestigious universities or star performers in the corporate world. Today, motherhood doesn't stop these
super-moms from pursuing excellence in their careers while giving maximum love and care to their kids. "Child-rearing and career shouldn't be trade-offs; it's really unfair to working moms," said Kevin Wen, Co-founder and President of LightIntheBox.com. "When we launched our Mother's Day special, we wanted to let working moms know there is a special place online where products are lovingly chosen just for them, so the shopping time saved can be spent with their families."

Being a mom is probably the most complex and multi-dimensional job in the world, especially in light of the current global situation. Children are overloaded by information from the Internet; the world is changing at an unbelievable speed; and moms often find they don't speak the same language as their 5th grade children. It's important to stay ahead of the curve. "Our goal is to put all the coolest and best gifts together, so even full-time moms can easily access the latest technology and fashions," said Kevin Wen.

Mother's Day has become a shopping festival in many countries. Giant retailers, such as Amazon and Macy's also have a tradition of offering Mother's Day discounts. Mother's Day is only one day in a year, but LightInTheBox works hard in order to provide world-class gifts for
world-class moms, all year round. "It's also a way to show our appreciation to our own moms," Kevin Wen said.
(http://www.LightInTheBox.com/go/Mothers-Day )

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