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LightInTheBox.com Offers Deals on
Chinese Brand Car DVD Players

BEIJING, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LightInTheBox.com offers special deal on Car DVD players for the upcoming Christmas. (https://www.lightinthebox.com/go/Car-DVD) If you buy a car DVD player now, you will get a rear view camera worth $30 for free. They also offer up to 30% off on multiple types of car DVD players. As a leading online wholesaler from China, LightInTheBox.com offers a range of about 250 types of Car DVD player catering to different demands and budgets. (https://www.lightinthebox.com/go/Car-DVD).

It becomes common now to buy a car DVD through the internet and install it all by yourself. When customers compare the price of the online stores and bricks and mortar stores, they would find that the prices of online stores are much cheaper. LightInTheBox.com gives customers very specific information of what components they will get and indicates every specification clearly. The instruction manuals that come with the product also make the do-it-yourself installation an easy job. According to the customer feedback, customers who had bought car DVD player from LightInTheBox.com found it's much easier to install than they expected..

Considering some people may worry about ordering a car DVD player through the internet and having it shipped all the way from China, LightInTheBox.com offers a one year guarantee of the product performance and quality. Customers can return the product back to LightInTheBox.com and get a refund, if the car DVD player doesn't function well within a year since purchase. In fact, all the car DVD players selling on LightInTheBox.com are made by the manufacturers who have made a great reputation in the industry.

Car DVD players have become a popular category on most of online stores from Amazon to eBay. Many resellers on eBay are actually sourcing their products from Chinese ecommerce websites like LightInTheBox.com. "Chinese brand Car DVD have dominated the world market due to their low price and high level performances," ZHANG Liang, co-founder of LightInTheBox.com said. (https://www.lightinthebox.com/go/Car-DVD)

About LightInTheBox.com:

LightInTheBox.com is a leading global value-added online distributor. It offers more than fifty thousand quality products to customers in more than 160countries and serves both individual consumers and commercial customers..

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