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Decorate for Thanksgiving: LightInTheBox.com Gives Your Home a New Look for Under $125

BEIJING, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LightInTheBox.com has added more than 400 new products to its Home and Garden category, offering customers an opportunity to do up their home for the holidays without blowing their budget. (http://www.LightInTheBox.com/go/thanksgiving_decoration )

The new products from LightInTheBox.com range from stylish faucets to professional oil paintings.

If a customer buys an oil painting for the living room and one for the bedroom for $9.99 each, one of the fashionable glass waterfall-design faucets for the bathroom for under $50, plus a jacquard bed set for under $50 and a set of wall stickers for $5, he can give his house a whole new look under $125.

The newly launched Home and Garden category from LightInTheBox.com includes about 2,500 items in nine categories -- faucets, paintings, bedding, pet supplies, tools, kitchen, bath, wall stickers, and home decor.

The faucet category contains about 250 items for customers to choose from, all chrome-plated with ceramic valves. (http://www.LightInTheBox.com/go/thanksgiving_decoration ) But whether it's the upscale feel of the Modern Vessel Waterfall faucet, or the style and functionality of pull-out kitchen faucets, customers can always find something to suit their needs and wants -- no matter what their taste or style.

The Paintings category at LightInTheBox.com lists oil paintings by local artists from Dafen village, China, in more than eight different genres. These paintings include reproductions of Claude Monet's Water Lilies and Vincent Van Gogh's Almond Branches in Bloom.

Customers can also send their own photos and have an artist turn their photograph into a hand-painted masterpiece!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and LightInTheBox.com wants to help its customers give their homes a makeover for the holidays.

"At LightInTheBox.com we know that the holidays are about enjoying time at home with family and friends, and we want to help our customers get ready for that. So we've chosen our products carefully, to allow our customers to decorate their homes and give them a stylish, relaxing and festive feel without breaking the bank," said Kevin Wen, co-founder of LightInTheBox.com. (http://www.LightInTheBox.com/go/thanksgiving_decoration )

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