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'Size Doesn't Matter': LightInTheBox.com Launched MiniInTheBox LowPrice Online Mini-Gadget Store

BEIJING, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LightInTheBox.com today announced the official launch of MiniInTheBox, a low price online gadget store (http://www.LightInTheBox.com/go/mini), offering a variety of cool and handy gadgets at surprisingly low prices to global customers. The products include electronic accessories, stationery, car accessories, toys and tools -- some products to make your life easier and others that are just fun to play with.

MiniInTheBox, as its name suggests, sells small items - mostly under US$ 20 with a weight below 1 lb. All the products are available to customers in more than 160 countries around the world with no shipping charge. For instance, via MiniInTheBox, a customer in the US or France can buy a screwdriver for 39 cents directly from China, and it will still be delivered at their door without incurring any shipping cost.

Similar items sold in regular stores are often sold at much higher prices than by MiniInTheBox, due to the cost of complicated supply chains and middlemen. The core business model of MiniInTheBox is to reduce prices by 3-5 or even 10 times. This is done by shortening the supply chain and minimizing associated handling costs and using an e-commerce platform operated in mainland China and Hong Kong, where the labor cost is low and the warehouse is close to manufacturers.

For its launch, MiniInTheBox is featuring 10 unbeatable items, with prices as low as 39 cents with free shipping.

Meanwhile, MiniInTheBox also provides a wide range of interesting gadgets, such as LED necklaces (US$ 1.99), solar powered flip flap flower plants (US$ 4.65) and silver flip-open owl keychain watches (US$ 3.54)-- which are popular choices among young customers.

"With MiniInTheBox, we aim to provide customers with small items that make a big difference in their daily lives. This is how we came up with our slogan: 'Size doesn't matter'," Said Mr. ZHANG Liang, co-founder of LightInTheBox.com.

About LightInTheBox.com

LightInTheBox.com is a leading global online distributor. It offers more than fifty thousand quality products to customers in more than 160 countries, and serves both individual consumers and commercial customers.

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Trigram screw driver (US$ 0.39)
LED necklace (US$ 1.99)
Solar powered flip flap flower plant (US$ 4.65)
Silver flip open owl keychain watch (US$ 3.54)

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