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Twitter Users Get Privileges @LightInTheBox - LightInTheBox.com Launches TwitVantage Program on Christmas

BEIJING, Dec 30, 2009 -- While snowstorms caused unexpected delays for travel and gift delivery in many areas across the globe over Christmas, Twitter users at LightInTheBox.com enjoyed faster order fulfillment with LightInTheBox.com's new TwitVantage Program aimed exclusively at Twitter users.

With TwitVantage ( http://blog.lightinthebox.com/twitvantage.html ), a LightInTheBox.com customer's order is given priority simply by tweeting @LightInTheBox ( http://twitter.com/lightinthebox ) with relevant order information. The tweeted order is then flagged to be processed, packaged and shipped within about 2 hours versus a normal processing time of 24-48 hours.

Once the order is ready for delivery, a "Twitter robot" developed specially by LightInTheBox.com will notify the customer immediately via Twitter.

LightInTheBox.com also launched a related fulfillment speed contest, and it turned out that the fastest TwitVantage order only took 25 minutes to ship.

LightInTheBox.com has mentioned that the program in its current form would not last forever as the original intention was not to favor one group of users over others, but rather to promote customer awareness of LightInTheBox.com's Twitter streams. "We believe Twitter is a great new way for customers to stay in touch with us, many times better than phone calls, emails or filing customer tickets, so we want to encourage its usage with this TwitVantage program," said Kevin Wen, co-founder of LightInTheBox.com. "We understand and empathize with our customers' stress over the waiting period during the Christmas, so we have tried to make it shorter and a little bit more fun with this program as well.

"It is no doubt that this is the first 'Twitter Christmas' for e-Commerce, which will probably reveal a whole new Twitter era for e-Commerce competition on innovative marketing programs and customer experiences with Twitter.LightInTheBox.com is looking forward to such innovations," Kevin added.

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