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Happy 'Niu' Year - LightInTheBox Turns Traditional Holiday into Shopping Fest

BEIJING, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LightInTheBox ( ) had just turned a Chinese traditional family holiday into a global shopping fest. Last week (Jan 25-31) was the first week of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and this year is "the Year of Ox" in the lunar calendar, which represents the hope of a bull market. Traditionally, almost all businesses, including LightInTheBox, are shutdown to observe the holiday, but this year LightInTheBox, together with many of its suppliers, were open for business throughout the holiday to attract customers, during a typically slow January.
Many promotional programs were launched to celebrate the holiday, together with its global customers from more than 100 countries. A 5% discount was offered for all purchases on top of any other discount. The online sales team worked from their home computers to keep 24/7 availability. Vendors kept on making rush orders of customized wedding dresses.
As a result, the company has observed a record-January-day of sales, and wedding dress ( ) sales increased by 81% in January 2009, compared with last December, as many customers planned to get married around February Valentine's Day. LightInTheBox saw its January sales drop merely 20%, compared with the peak season of December 2008, while the industry's average is around a 50% decrease due to seasonality. For instance, Wal-Mart's sales in January 2008 dropped 41%, compared with December 2007.
Coinciding with the message China's Prime Minister Wen Jiabao just delivered in Davos earlier this week that China would do whatever it takes to bring the economic growth back on track, companies like have taken their own measures to ensure the coming year of the "Ox" is truly bullish.
Interestingly, the pronunciation of "Ox" in Chinese is "Niu", the same as "New". So LightInTheBox sent out a greeting note to customers before Chinese New Year starting with "Happy Niu Year!"

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