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Final Fantasy Lively - LightInTheBox’s Cosplay Debut for International Anime Fans

BEIJING, March 13 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LightInTheBox (www.LightInTheBox.com ) has officially launched its cosplay category (https://www.lightinthebox.com/go/cosplay ), offering more than 1000 items in their selection. Cosplay refers to dressing in costumes as characters from anime and video games. The costumes LightInTheBox offers are made based on the roles of the most popular animated series such as Naruto, Bleach, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. One 65-year-old retired developer from Seattle, United States ordered a Naruto costume for himself. It goes to show that one is never too old to be a fan of cosplay.
When LightInTheBox launched their cosplay category, they decided to provide an affordable, as well as fun product. Its average price is 30% below the competitor’s. Its line of products include everything from masks that are only a few dollars, to intricate Final Fantasy costumes that exceed three hundred dollars. It was surprising to find red cosplay wigs are among the best selling items at LightInTheBox. Even non-cosplayers are huge fans of these. People wear these red wigs not only on special occasions, but for regular good’ol fun as well. Cosplay weapons are an area most online cosplay merchants neglect. LightInTheBox, however, have sold cosplay weapons since the beginning of their beta launch. For example, Itachi’s Weapon Wooden Uchiha from Naruto is selling for only $44.99. LightInTheBox is planning to add costumes of characters from the prize winner anime on the 8th Tokyo International Anime Fair, such as Descendants.
LightInTheBox’s cosplay category beta launched late January in 2009 and saw increases in demand week after week. They hired a dedicated team in March to specifically manage cosplay categories. So far, they have already gotten large orders from resellers on eBay, and end customers as well.
One of the challenges of cosplay costume production is that they are 100% hand-made. Only the most skillful tailors can handle the job. Chinese tailors have been known for making the most delicate hand sewed clothing in the world. Cosplay costume is a perfect match for Chinese manufactures. Ultimately, however, cosplay costume is a niche market category. Container based international trade companies are seldom in this business. This is the perfect business opportunity for LightInTheBox to bridge the distance between demand and supply.

About LightInTheBox:
LightInTheBox is a leading global value-added online distributor. It offers more than 50 thousand quality product selections to customers in more than 120 countries. It serves both individual consumers and commercial customers.

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