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Lightinthebox offers you various human hair wigs with affordable prices
If you dream of changing hairstyle everyday, we invite you to browse our large selection of human hair wigs! Use the filter to find out your favorite style! To make sure the wigs fits you perfectly, we provide your lace front human hair  wigs and full lace human hair wigs. If you’re not sure about the color and style of human hair wigs,we offer your user photos and exclusive videos. don’t miss it !
Lightinthebox is professional and fashionable in human hair wigs
We have professional factories which focus on “wig” industries more than 10 years. the price is competitive and the quality is reliable. There are a variety of cheap human hair wigs cap constructions including lace front, mono, full lace, U part. Get your favorite human hair wigs at lowest price here from $29.99.
Buy a more natural wig that no one can notice you are wearing a human hair wigs
The lace front is placed temple to temple and each hair is individually hand-tied to create a natural looking hairline and can be styled in any way, parted anywhere. But lace front cap construction determines that the human hair wigs can not be tied into ponytails because the lace is at the front while the cap is made by machines. Full Lace human hair wigs are expensive but they are well worth the money because they are more versatile and last longer. Full lace human hair wigs are 100% hand-tied to the caps and sheer lace base, which goes over the scalp. So full lace human hair wigs can be easily tied into ponytail. The material of all human hair wigs is 100% human hair, which is mostly made of Brazilian or Indian non-remy, remy hair and virgin hair. You can iron the hair in no matter what way you want to such as straighten and curl. Natural black human hair wigs can be dyed into other colors. Human hair wigs make you look charming everyday.

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