Why I can't use my coupon/rewards?

Sometimes, it looks like no coupons/rewards are available. In this case, you can check the following:

1.Is your coupon/reward still valid? You can find this out by going to "My Coupons"/"My Rewards & Credit".

My Coupons

My Rewards & Credit

If the coupon/reward status says Expired or Used, this means that you can’t use the coupon/reward anymore.

2.Are you meeting the minimum spending requirements?

For example, if a coupon/reward is only valid for items over US $50, but the total item value is the only US $40, you can’t use the coupon/reward.

3.Have you checked the coupon/reward terms?

Some coupons/rewards are only valid on our app/website or can be used for specific shipping methods/conditions only.

4.Check whether you bought an item with a “ coupon/rewards not applicable” reminder on the product page

Some special products are unfortunately not eligible and don't accept coupons/rewards yet.

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