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수도꼭지 액세서리 다기능 은빛 교체 가능 샤워 스프레이 헤드 abs 플라스틱 주방 노즐 #5244863
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수도꼭지 액세서리 다기능 은빛 교체 가능 샤워 스프레이 헤드 abs 플라스틱 주방 노즐
$ 11.99
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브랜드 소개: MLFALLS, the self-owned brand of Kaiping Dima Sanitary Co.,Ltd, which headquarter is locted in HongKong.Dima company is located in Kaiping city which is called " the kingdom of faucets in China". It has an area of about 1500 square meters and 30 workers. We have a number of patented products and continue to design and produce more according to the market demand.we specialize in making and selling various faucets such as LED, Waterfall, Pull-out sink mixers and ORB faucets in many countries especially in Europe and America. With unique style, inspiration and passion, our products lead the trend of fashion. Relying on years of export experience, we are familiar with product design of the famous brands.Combining the Chinese cultural elements with the foreign elements, we make our products comfortable and unique.

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ABS 플라스틱, ABS,
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