433mhz dc 12v 4ch 무선 라디오 주파수 원격 제어 스위치 보안 시스템 차고 문 전자 도어 잠금 키 4 버튼 #8677580
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433mhz dc 12v 4ch 무선 라디오 주파수 원격 제어 스위치 보안 시스템 차고 문 전자 도어 잠금 키 4 버튼
$ 13.99
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유형: 스마트 스위치, 모델: AKTR68-04B+AK-TF04, 특징: 무선 사용, 쉬운 설치, 창의적, 원격 제어, 연결: 무선, 원격, 전압 (V): 12, 주파수 (Hz): 433, 호환성: 침실, 거실, 일상, 언어: 영어, 설명서: 영어,


Product Overview with 4 relays ,this controller can meet the requirement of motor forward ,reverse ,or switch on and off switch and various special control procedures .the product is charaterized ny stable performance ,small volume and high reception sensivity . Mainy used in electric doors ,windows ,lifting equipment ,lifters and security industries and other fields ,it can be use with remote control as a complete set of wireless intelligent remote control system ,especially suitable for imported wired door ,window control system and anti-theft alarm to achieve wired wireless system switching .

About Working way/ output Way: Momentary : press remote button is ON ,release is OFF Toggle : press remote button is ON ,press again if OFF. Latched : press remote button is ON ,press another button is OFF

About Learning method and clear out code method: 1,Learning code : press the learning button ,when indicator off , release the button ,then press remote any button , indicator will be flash a few times then stay on ,it mearning successful . 2, Clear out code : long press learning button about 8 seconds ,indicator on --off--on ,it meaning clearning code successful . 3, Note: when before shipping ,we have learning for you ,default working way is Momentary ,,so you need learning again ...

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