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32V FB1904 12-weg een-in-een-uit auto-zekeringenkast ongeacht positief en negatief (met 24 zekeringen) / vlamvertragend / bestand tegen hoge en lage temperaturen / dubbele levering #7986932
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32V FB1904 12-weg een-in-een-uit auto-zekeringenkast ongeacht positief en negatief (met 24 zekeringen) / vlamvertragend / bestand tegen hoge en lage temperaturen / dubbele levering
$ 22.99
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Automatisch, Boot,
Roestvrijstaal / ijzer,
Auto Automatische stroomonderbrekers,
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Product Name: FB1904 12-way one in one out fuse box (regardless of positive or negative) Product model : ZH-979A2 Product Net Weight: 291g Product gross weight: 297g Product Size: 19.5 * 5 * 5.2cm Product size: PE bag Packing size: 30 * 13 * 5.5cm Product Material: PA66 body, PC dust cover, nickel-plated copper terminal, stainless steel screws, PP X 70 sticker Input rated voltage: 32V Input rated current: 75A Single wire terminal: M4 threaded stud (20A 32V DC maximum) Wire Specifications: # 12-16AWG Fuse Type: Accept ATO or ATC fuse from 1A to 20A Installation range: Can be installed on cars, off-road, RVs, buses, yachts, boats, etc. Scope of use: It can be directly connected to the line of any electrical appliances on the car / off-road / RV / bus / yacht / boat eg: roof lights, car headlights, width lights, fog lights, warning lights, car refrigerators, Car charger, car fan, car TV, etc. Product accessories: Sticker X2; self-tapping screw X4; 20A insurance film X2; 10A insurance film X4; 5A insurance film X8; 3A insurance film X10 Fuse function: When the circuit is faulty or abnormal, the current increases continuously, and the increased current may damage some important devices or valuable devices in the circuit, or it may burn the circuit or even cause a fire. The fuse protects the electronic equipment from the overload current and also avoids the serious injury caused by the internal failure of the electronic equipment. Therefore, each fuse has a rated specification, and the fuse will blow when the current exceeds the rated specification. If the fuse is correctly placed in the circuit, the fuse will melt and cut off the current when the current abnormally rises to a certain height and a certain temperature, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit Product advantages: The product adopts PA66 flame-retardant and high-temperature and low-temperature environmentally friendly materials, which fully meets the fuse holder must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and should not break, deform, burn and Conditions such as short circuit. All fasteners are stainless steel, the input of the fuse box and the output end are fixed by tightening screws, which can be installed more quickly, and the fuse box is fixed by self-tapping screws, which is simpler and safer to install. The product is given a sticker, which can be attached to the electrical appliance we connect according to the name on the sticker. When the fuse is broken, we can first identify which electrical appliance has a problem, saving time and effort. The product is delivered with double fuses. When applied, the fuses are burned out and can be replaced immediately from the spare fuses. The fuses are delivered with multiple amperes. The fuses can be selected according to the current electrical appliances.

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