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Lightinthebox offers you a comprehensive range of temporary tattoos with great quality
Tattoos are not for everyone. As a body art, it is a art form about expressing feelings, creating characters or even just a single thought. However, temporary tattoos are for everyone! If you have ever wanted a tattoo but could never settle on one idea, you can try temporary tattoos. You can change different tattoos as you want by using temporary tattoos. Our tattoo stickers, sleeve tattoos and airbrush tattoos are able to make your temporary tattoos look more realistic!
Lightinthebox is professional and reliable in temporary tattoos supplies
Founded in 2007, Lightinthebox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of cheap temporary tattoos with great quality. We have manufacturing factories in China with well trained workers as well as highly experienced artists to make our tattoo designs more attractive.
Enjoy the great fun of temporary tattoos 
There are plenty of reasons for getting a tattoo. A special tattoo design certainly can add a great finishing touch on your style for your big days in life. But if you want to have a tattoo without permanently altering your skin, a temporary tattoo is definitely your best choice! 

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