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Lightinthebox provide you various tents, canopies & shelters
Lightinthebox invites you to browse our large collection of cheap tents, canopies & shelters. For the tents, most people's problems are not clear how to build, it does not matter, Lightinthebox provides the video and detailed graphic steps to teach you how to set up and put away a tent.

Lightinthebox is professional and reliable in tents, canopies & shelters
Want to go camping with family, but do not know what family tents to choose; want to find out a tent which can avoid being sunburn; want to drive to camp,can’t find out suitable tent? Lightinthebox can provide you a wide variety of tents, for example family tents,backpack tents,beach tents, automatic tents, truck tents,pop up tent...We have tents of different sizes for one person,two person,3-4 person, etc., and you can find the right tent no matter how many people you travel together. The tents we provided are waterproof,windproof and portable, each tent are marked waterproof rating for outside debt and floor, and each tent have the expand size and package size,you can choose any one by yourself.

Make your camping & hiking more comfortable
The most important thing about camping and hiking is comfort.The right tents will keep you from getting cold even in winter.Lightinthebox helps you to make your journey more comfortable.Pick up a tent from Lightinthebox, and make your trip more comfortable and happy.

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