— Which products are eligible for return?

Except for some made-to-order, customized, or special products as required by statutory laws applicable to your local countries or regions, the vast majority of products can be returned. However, the specific conditions vary depending on the reason for return and the type of product. Please refer to the table below for details.

Return Requirements:

1. For items eligible for personal reasons return, please ensure they are in their original packaging with tags, in brand-new condition: No perfume, unwashed, unworn, unused, and unaltered.

2. For items without quality issues, we refund the item price. Please understand that you need to cover the return shipping fees under the condition of no quality issues.

3. Items outside the return window cannot be returned unless it does not conform to your mandatory rules and regulations.


— How do I make a return?

Important Notice:

Please note that we do not provide return labels. Please ship products back to our warehouse in US or other countries. Contact customer service for authorization and the correct return address before sending items. Do not use the address on the shipping label.

To start a return, confirm receipt of your package by clicking Confirm Received and submit a Return or Exchange ticket with supporting evidence like photos or videos. Our Customer Service team will review based on policy, product condition, and evidence. Original shipping and insurance are non-refundable unless non-compliance in products as provides by mandatory laws. For detailed instructions, please refer to "How do I make a return?"

Refunds will be credited to your LightInTheBox Credit Account for future purchases or can be withdrawn to the original payment account/card.


— Can I reject my package if I change my mind?

If you need to cancel your order while it's being shipped, please wait until you receive the package before requesting a return. Cross-border shipping involves complex procedures with customs and shipping carriers. If you refuse delivery or fail to pick up your package on purpose or intentionally, please understand that we can't process your return.

If the package is delivered unsuccessfully and returned due to personal reasons, please understand that no refund will be issued in this case. Personal reasons, for example, include incorrect address, no consignee, invalid contact information, customer refusal, or failure to collect the package on time.

If you need assistance, please Contact Us.