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How do I contact Customer Service about my order?

LightInTheBox makes it easy for all users to manage their accounts. And it becomes even more convenient when you join our App User club. Download the Lightinthebox APP now to easily track your order status and enjoy hassle-free contact!

To join, simply click on the following link: Or you can scan the QR code below using the built-in camera on your phone:

After downloading our Lightinthebox app, simply sign in. In the "My Orders" section, you can easily access and track the status of all your orders.

If you need any help with a particular order, simply click on the corresponding order to request assistance.

By clicking the 'Contact Us' button on your order details page, you will find different help options based on your order status.

If you prefer to check the order status and contact customer support on a PC, here is the video guide (available only in English) for your reference:

Important Tips:

1. Please select the most relevant topic for your correct order to ensure you reach out to the dedicated Customer Support Team.

2. In order to provide a more effective support, we've made "Pop-up notification" service available as a quick processing path for some of the topics. If you still require further assistance, rest assured that you can click "Still have questions?" to get in touch with Customer Service Support again.

3. If you have been waiting for a shipped order and are concerned about the location of your parcel, the topic "Package Not Received" may be appropriate for your situation.

4. In certain circumstances, you may want to return some item(s). Please confirm you have received the product and want to return it. If not received it yet, please submit the “Return Or Exchange” request after package has been delivered.

5. After you submit your ticket, our Customer Service team will respond within 1 business day. The response will be sent via email as well as through the "Service Record" on our website/APP.

6. If you were unable to locate a related order, please refer to "Can't find your order?” and fill in the required information, our customer service team will contact you within 24 hours of submitting the ticket.


——Pre-Sale inquiry before placing order

If you have just registered an account on our website and need information before you buy, you can submit an inquiry on the product page and our support team will respond within 24 hours.

For detailed information, you may refer to “What if I have Pre-Sale question for the item before placing an order?


——Cannot log in due to account/password issue

If you can't log in your account because you forgot your user account or password, try these troubleshooting steps to get back into your account first.

*Can you receive order notification email?

If so, the email address is your login account. You can click "Forgot password" to get a new one.

*Is it possible that you paid the order directly via PayPal without registration?

If so, your PayPal account is the login account. You can click "Forgot password" to get a new one. Or you can search in your email inbox to find out the previous password.

*Did you use Facebook/Google/Mobile Phone to login before?

If so, the social account is your login account. You can use the same way to login and you will find your order in the account.

If you attempted the above fixes and were still unable to log in to your account, please click “Need Help” and complete the necessary fields. Our customer service staff will get in touch with you within 24 hours and will be eager to assist.

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