Why I can't pay for my order

Troubleshooting failed payments


On the error page of your payment, the reason for the refusal would be indicated to you and will give you an indication of the problem encountered.


For example:

"Payment is failed due to bank's rejection. Please pay with another card or choose another payment method."

"Payment is failed due to insufficient funds/over limit. Please pay using a card with sufficient balance."



Your payment failed due to one or more of the following reasons:

1) Incorrect or incomplete card/account information

2) Inadequate credit or account balance

3) Your card is not set up for international online payments

4) The maximum online payment limit is set too low

5) Technical problem with the payment system


We suggest you to:

1) double check your card/account information to make sure it is correct

2) use a different card or payment method

3) contact your bank/service provider to enable related functions (e.g. international online payments)


*If none of the suggestions has helped resolve your problem, please contact our Customer Support.

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