How to pay with coupon/rewards&credit?

*Rewards & Credit

Your Rewards & Credit balance will be automatically applied towards your next eligible purchase on, excluding the purchase of prepaid Credit, Rewards, and/or Coupons. There are no minimum order amount restrictions. You can only pay for an order in the same currency as your Rewards & Credit balance. To use your Rewards & Credit balance, simply check the applicable box during the checkout process on


The system will remind you that you have a coupon to use if there is an Available Coupon in your account. Simply select the one qualified to be applied towards your purchase or input a coupon code directly to apply a discount.* Restrictions:

Kindly note normally Rewards Balance & Coupon have an expiration date and minimum order amount restrictions. It depends on special circumstances when Rewards/Coupons were earned. You can check the details on the "My Rewards & Credit" and "My Coupons" page.

No restrictions on the application of Credit Balance.

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