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How do I earn Rewards & Credit?

  • Rewards:

    There are multiple ways to earn Rewards.

    1. A Member that makes a Qualifying Purchase (defined below) may earn Rewards equal to 1% of the Net Amount (defined below) paid for that purchase.

    Qualifying Purchase means a purchase placed online of one or more products from that is paid in full.

    Net Amount means the cash amount paid by the Member for the product(s) purchased in the Qualifying Purchase after applying discounts or other Rewards & Credit or deductions.

    2. Promotional Events will be held periodically during which promotional Rewards can be earned according to the Event Rules.

    - Rewards are not awarded for purchases paid for in their entirety with Rewards & Credit. The balance of a Purchase paid for in part with Rewards & Credit is eligible to earn Rewards on the portion of the balance not paid for with Rewards & Credit.
    - Rewards will be posted to your Rewards & Credit account once delivery is confirmed and you have written a review on the items in your order.
    - Rewards awarded are rounded down to the nearest cent, excluding JPY, CLP, NOK, DKK, SEK, KRW, which are rounded down to the nearest whole unit.

  • Credit:

    Refunds can be used as Credit or refunded to your original payment method once your order has received a refund. If refunds are given in Credit, you can click the “Withdraw” button in “Available Balance” on the My Rewards & Credit page to withdraw Credit.